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I like a good friend of mine?

Me and this girl are real good friends and recently I have started to have feelings for her. We hangout just about everyday. I gave her this little animal toy because its a inside joke we have. And since then, I have noticed a change in her, like she hugs me more often, puts her legs on my lap, we flirt alot too. But I think that's just her personality. I like this girl so much, I don't want to ruin our friendship by asking her out if she says no. But I really wanto.

What should I do?

Thanks for helping me!

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    It seems like you really like this girl:) If you feel like she's the one, go for it. But just think about how both if you are going to feel after wards if you date and break up. I went through this same thing but it was my best friends brother. We are still awkward around each other and it's been a while. Maybe try getting her to confess her feelings for her before just asking her out. And if you do ask her out and she says no, she's probably just nervous and thinks you guys are too good of friends. Just make her realize how good of a person you are. Maybe try flirting with her so much that it's obvious that you want her. Hope this works. Be yourself! Please, please tell me if any of these ideas work:)

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  • 9 years ago

    Make your move.

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