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What would you name babies in these situations? (Girls)?

1) You are 16 and have a boyfriend. You decide to loose your virginity because you love and want kids. You soon get a baby boy. His first name and middle name have to start with the same letter!

2) You are 17, have the same boyfriend, and have a one year old son. You go out to a strip club and "have fun" while your son is with your mom. You get pregnant and have another son. His first name has to start with J, and his middle name has to start with N.

3) You are 18 and have a two year old son and a one year old son. You go to your boyfriend's and find him with another girl. You break up with him, so now you are a single mom. You go to college and have new professors. One of your professors is under 30 years old. You get to know him by the age of 19 and have *** in his classroom. You soon get twins: one girl and one boy. Their first names have to start with C, and their middle names have to be 3 syllables.

4) You are 21, have a 5 year old son, a 4 year old son, a 2 year old son, and a 2 year old daughter. You get caught again with the professor, and he is fired. You do not get pregnant. You get a personal trainer and fall in love with him. During one of your work outs, you decide to do "other things." You get octuplets: 6 girls and 2 boys. Their first names have to be 2 syllables, and their middle names have to have 4 letters.

5) You are 24, have an 8 year old son, a 7 year old son, a 5 year old son, a 5 year old daughter, six 3 year old daughters, and two 3 year old sons. Your personal trainer moved to Australia. You get a job as a personal assistant in an office. Your boss drives you to your home everyday. One day, he brings you to his own house and rapes you. You get quadruplets: 3 boys and 2 girls. Their first names have to be 5 or more letters long, and their middle names have to have something to do with nature.

6) You are 26 and have a 10 year old son, a 9 year old son, an 8 year old son, an 8 year old daughter, six 5 year old daughters, two 5 year old sons, three 2 year old sons, and two 2 year old daughters. You meet a nice guy at the mall and get married. You get triplets: 2 girls and 1 boy. Their first names have to have something to do with God. Their middle names have to be names from your culture (ex: If you're Spanish, a name could be Catalina.)

7) You are 29 and have a 13 year old son, a 12 year old son, an 11 year old son, an 11 year old daughter, six 8 year old daughters, two 8 year old sons, three 5 year old sons, two 5 year old daughters, two 3 year old daughters, and one 3 year old son. You are fighting with your husband a lot. You get a divorce. At age 30, you meet another nice guy at the zoo with your kids and marry him. He already has 1 child because his girlfriend died giving birth. He didn't know what to name his daughter, but he still had the list of names his girlfriend had chosen:

Annabelle, Riley, Isabel, Kylie, Alexis, Sarah, Ashley, Taylor, Alyssa, Hailey, Gia, Payton, & Chloe.

He wanted to pick two names from the list to create her first and middle name. He let you decide because you are his wife.

8) You are happily married at age 32 with a 16 year old son, a 15 year old son, a 14 year old son, a 14 year old daughter, six 11 year old daughters, two 11 year old sons, three 8 year old sons, two 8 year old daughters, two 5 year old daughters, one 5 year old son, and a 3 year old baby girl (from your husband's old girlfriend). You decide that to celebrate an amazing life with your family, you're going to have a couple more kids. Congrats! You get quintuplets: 2 sons and 3 daughters. You give them any first and middle names you want!

You are living the best life ever with your husband and kids!!!! Who knows...maybe you might have more kids again?!!!!!!

I hope you all liked this! It took me literally an hour to make, but it was fun and worth it =) Please write your answers and comment. Tell me any way I could have made it better. Make some of your own, too; they're so much fun to make!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Enjoy :) I will pick the answer that I think had the best names. Get typing!!!!!!!!! lol


only 3 days left 2 answer!!! hurry =)

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    My name is: Christina Marie King <--fake last name lol I'm not stupid

    1-Mason Michael King & boyfriend is Alex Derek Strawn but we were just dating so Mason got my last name.

    2-Joseph Nicholas King with Alex Derek Strawn.

    3-Charlotte Emilie & Carter Zachary King with Professor Parker Lewis.

    4-Kellie Rose, Calli Lane, Marie Lilly, Sophie Anne, Abbey Elle, Carrie Beth, Hunter John, & Matthew Ryan King. with Jack Morris.

    5-Anthony River, Blake Forrest, Benjamin Ash, Olivia Willow, & Krystal Lark King with George Damon.

    6-Christine Esmeralda, Natalia Katarina, & Damien Dimitri James. (Greek middle names! Christine=Anointed in Christ, Natalia=Born on Christmas Day, & Damien=Devil hehehe) with Bradley James.

    7-Chloe Isabel Cooper from Tyler Cooper.

    8- Aaron Bentley, Jake Alexander, Lila Elise, Victoria Paige, & Diane Cierra Cooper with Tyler Cooper....I'm 32 with 26 kids...WOWWW hahaha

    So I have Mason, Joe, Charli, Carter, Kellie, Calli, Marie, Sophie, Abbey, Carrie, Hunter, Matt, Tony, Blake, Ben, Livvy, Krissy, Tina, Lia, Ian, Chloe, Aaron, Jake, Lila, Tori, & Annie.

    That was super fun!!!! :D

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    1. Benjamin Braedon

    2. James Andrew

    3. Charlotte Hermione and Cedric Nathaniel

    4. 6 girls and 2 boys

    Sophie Lily

    Emma Rose

    Kathleen Iris

    Rachel Anne

    Bonnie Jane

    Audrey Dawn

    Daniel Liam

    William Reed

    5. 3 boys and 2 girls

    Logan Everest

    Anthony Drake

    Philip Sage

    Genevieve Brook

    Margaret Autumn

    6. 2 girls and 1 boy {Middle name = [my, my sister's, and my cousin's middle name]

    Ariel Louise

    Judith Dominique

    Jeremy Brian

    7. Chloe Isabel

    8. 2 sons and 3 daughters

    Dustin Oliver

    Peter Adrian

    Beatrice Elaine

    Lorraine Juliet

    Patricia Olivia

  • Rose
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    9 years ago

    1. Aidan Andrew

    2. Julian Noah

    3. Catherine Meredith and Christopher Frederick

    4. Kasey Jane, Kelsey Lane, Caitlin Rose, Helen Jade, Jocelyn Iris, Aaron Carl, and Nathan Mark

    5. Jeremiah Wood, Corey Hunter, Nolan Forrest, Carmen Eve, Aurora Skye

    6. Grace Juliette, Eden Monique, Jacob Jean

    7. Alyssa Annabelle

    8. Jackson Riley, Jonathan Eli, Katarina Alice, Johanna Avery, Alicia Claire

  • 1) Lawerence Leonard

    2) Jacob Nathaniel

    3) Charles William and Catherine Verona

    4) Henry Paul, Michael Hugh, Tessa Jane, Beatrice Lily, Roselle Hope, Alice Judy, Rhea Sage, and Louise Mary.

    5) Alexander Glenn, Lucas Hawthorne, Benjamin Tarragon, Marianne Aurora, and Savannah Garland

    6) Daniel John, Elizabeth Abigail, and Gabrielle Victoria

    7) Annabelle Payton

    8) Marcus Richard, Samuel Christopher, Adele Georgia, Cara Eleanor, and Delilah Selene.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1. Austin Adam

    2. Jackson Nicholas

    3. Carly Elena and Caleb Zachary

    4. Avery Kate, Mia Rose, Lauren Hope, Ruby Lynn, Chloe Anne, Morgan Ruth, Ethan Paul, and Noah Reid.

    5. Landon Cole, Joshua River (josh), Natalie Willow, and Olivia Violet

    6. Angel Liberty, Grace Michelle, and Matthew David

    7. Alyssa Riley

    8. Nicholas Scott (nick), William Alexander, Lindsey Kay, Annalee Rachel (anna), and Jordyn Elise

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    1. Theodore "Teddy" Thomas

    2. Jude Nathaniel

    3. Carson Oliver and Cosette Amira

    4. Ivy Kate, Violet Rose, Summer Lila, Rowen Aria, Willa Skye, Hazel Nora, Mason Ross and Peter Hale

    5. Donovan Oakley, Sawyer Aspen, Elijah River, Seraphina Lily and Madeleine Olive

    6. Ariella Maren, Daniel Ryker and Eleanora Laerke (I'm Danish)

    7. Isabel Chloe

    8. Maria Catherine, Alessia Maeve, Belle Juliette, Micah Sebastian and Landon Bennett

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    1. Samuel Scott.

    2. Jacob Nicholas.

    3. Charlotte Sienna & Caleb Harrison.

    4. Hollie Brae, Ella Lucy, Phoebe Kate, Jasmin Abbi, Brielle Ruby, Sophie Bree, Mason Ryan, Aiden Jack.

    5. Lucas Ash, Benjamin Reed, Zachary River, Madelyn Skye, Savannah Rose.

    6. Abigail Sofia, Elizabeth Isabella, Thomas Marco. (Italian Background).

    7. Ashley Isabel.

    8. Hayley Nicole, Hannah Imogen, Alysha Taylah, Liam Oliver, Henry Alexander.

    I had to go to my second favourite names list to find all these names!

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    1.Liam Lucas

    2. Jacob Nicholas

    3. Charlotte Isabel & Christian Lorenzo

    4. Jessa Alia (Uh-lee-uh), Mya Lynn, Nicole Gwen, Leah Dawn, Audrey Anne, Kayla Jane, Bryson Adam, & Cameron Alex

    5.James Rowan, William Sage, Jason River, Natalia Raine, & Jennifer Rose

    6. Rebecca Elizabeth, Mary Victoria, & Cain Vincent

    7. Sarah Alexis

    8.Charles Henry, Daniel Alexander, Alyssa Alexis, Kourtney Eileen, & Faith Isabella

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    1. William Wyatt

    2. Jack Nicholas

    3. Christopher Jamison and Charlotte Julia

    4. Mia Jane

    Phoenix Emma

    Raina Lora

    Zoe Anne

    Ella Wren

    Remy Kate

    Logan Evan

    Ryan Dean

    5. Quincy Skye

    Aurora Violet

    Gregory River

    Benjamin Robin

    Leonardo Reed

    6. Alla McKenzie

    Gabriella Ingrid

    David Andrew

    7. Alexis Sarah

    8. Aria Hannah

    Hayden Emilie

    Joie Michelle

    Oliver Hunter

    Owen Scott

    Will, Jack, Chris, Charlie, Mia, Phoenix, Raina, Zoe, Ella, Remy, Logan, Ryan, Quincy, Rory, Greg, Ben, Leo, Alla, Gabriella, David, Lexi, Aria, Hayden, Joise, Oliver, Owen


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    1) Kyle Kamden

    2) Jonathon Nole

    3) Claire AvaLeigh and Carson Timothy

    4) Lily Anne, Eily Hope, Leah Maey, Caitlin Rene, Elise Sara, Janae Mary, Henry Jude, and Thomas Wade

    5) Cameron River, Jackson Tree, Aidan Snow, Emily Winter, and Hadley Rose.

    6) Mary Catarina, Elizabeth Rosa, and Joseph Miguel

    7) Kylie Alexis

    8) Bryce Mikal, Quinton Emerson, Phoebe Emmaline, Cara Gianna, and Kilia Marie.

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