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ecology/environmental biology?

i want to potentially major in this and im trying to find more information online about what kind of careers i would have with that. does anyone know helpful sites that could help me with that?

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  • 9 years ago
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    This is a list of careers that typically stem from that major:

    Air Quality Technician

    Animal Ecologist

    Animal Scientist

    Aquarium & Museum Worker

    Aquarium Technician

    Aquatic Biologist



    Environmental Consultant

    Environmental Educator

    Environmental Engineer

    Environmental Health Specialist

    Environmental Lobbyist

    Environmental Planner

    Environmental Scientist

    Fisheries Conservationist


    Ground Water Manager

    Horticulturist Hydrologist

    Land Use Planner

    Marine & Coastal Consultant

    Marine Biologist

    Museum/Aquarium Administrator

    Natural Resource Manager

    Nature Conservationist

    Public Health Worker

    Range Manager

    Research Assistant

    Soil Conservationist

    State Parks & Recreation Worker

    Test and Inspection Technician

    Waste Management Technician

    Water Quality Technician

    Wildlife Biologist

    Wildlife Resources Worker


    Also, I found this site about jobs in biology. At the bottom there's a search based on country and major. I'm not entirely sure of the validity of the website, but it's the best I could find. Good luck!

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  • naseef
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    3 years ago

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