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ASVAB, did i screw myself out of becoming an Abrams crew member for the Marine Corps?

I am currently in the DEP for the Marine Corps and I have a ship date of 20110926, I am interested in getting a Combat Support (CE) contract seeing that I would like to become an Abrams crew member or an AAV crew member but I'm afraid that i scored to high on my ASVAB seeing i got a 93 with line scores all over 129....Did I screw myself from getting assigned to any 1800 field? I wouldn't mind becoming a part of any of the occ Fields in Combat support (field art, air defense, or armor) but i do want to know if i wont be able to get an 1800 MOS. I do want to be a Marine and that is the main reason that I chose the Corps but I want to know if I should just go with an artillery contract if Armor will be unattainable. I also understand that my MOS will be chosen based on the needs of the Corps and I have no problem with that choosing the field that i will be in is my only concern at this point. Thank you for your answers.


Thanks peezy, i understand that recruiters are in it for themselves and that they spin little white lies to get people into the DEP and then ship. I know that the Marine Corps puts people where they need them and where they need them only. I will remember to get any promises in writing and i know that i wont let them ship me with an open contract that's out of the question.

Thanks Jay, I know that i do qualify for any of the crew member positions, i have just heard that people with higher asvab scores end up getting more technical positions in their fields. im just trying to find out if i cursed myself into a MOS that will force me into looking at a computer screen all day.

Thank you both for your responses.

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    Hey man be wary of those recruiters and what they do/do not promise you. Do not get it twisted Recruiters work really hard but I was in your exact same shoes. I was put in the combat support area and my orders from bootcamp said I was going to be an 0800 (artillery) my asvasb score was high along with my GT score. I ended up being a LAAD gunner- a totally different beast. It's air defense. So my advice to you is to try really hard to GET everything in writing and your score can never be "too high" for an MOS. Do not listen to that bull about being able to LAT move after two years because you will in most cases need to wait for four years. Good luck

    Source(s): Active duty Marine for five years
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    You scored high enough on the ASVAB I don't see why you wouldn't get the Crew Member?

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