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A baby boy name to go with his big sister's name:)?

i have a daughter called Olivia-Jane Eliza

i'm now due to have a little boy. can you think of any names that sound good with Olivia-Jane?

i want the middle name to be Thomas after my brother who passed away. or the first name to be Thomas with a different middle name. i'm not sure.

help please? :)

surname is Martin :)x

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    I really like Olivia-Jane, it's very pretty.

    Thomas and Olivia sound nice together, so if you would rather have that name as a first name, then it would work well.

    How about -

    Daniel Thomas

    Gregory Thomas

    Brandon Thomas

    Sebastian Thomas

    Henry Thomas

    Eric Thomas

    Ryan Thomas

    Spencer Thomas

    My personal favourite - Benjamin Thomas.

    All of these names go really nicely with Olivia, and you were to use Thomas as the first name for your child, you could switch them around such as Thomas Henry Martin.

    Good luck with it all, and I hope I helped! :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Asher Thomas Martin

    Oscar Thomas Martin

    Jacob Thomas Martin

    Jackson Thomas Martin

    Ashton Thomas Martin

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thomas Joel

    Anthony Thomas

  • 1 decade ago

    Levi Thomas

    Brendan Thomas

    Matthew Thomas

    Kyle Thomas

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    Joel Thomas

    Michael Thomas

    Owen Thomas

    Jacob Thomas

  • 1 decade ago

    David Thomas

    Thomas Edgar

    Thomas James

    Thomas Daniel or Daniel Thomas

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    4 years ago

    Alexander, Brendan, Cole, Chase, Daniel, David, Ethan, Evan, Finnigan, Gabriel, Harrison, James, Jackson, Kyle, Logan, Levi, Landon, Micah, Myles, Michael, Matthew, Noah, Owen, Quinn, Ryan, Spencer, Stephen, Thomas, Tyler, Tanner, William

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    Thomas Joel

    Anthony Thomas

    Jacob Thomas (nickname could be JT)

    Aidan Thomas

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    Oliver Thomas. I think that is cute and they kind of match.

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