Muncie 282 oil change interval?

Hi,i have recently bought an 87 fiero SE,with a v6 and a 5 speed getrag/muncie 282,on the transmission it says to use oil only,and the book says to use 5w30 motor question is how long should someone go before changing the oil in the transmission?i know that oil in an engine is usually suggested to be changed every 3000 miles or 3 months,but is the same true for a transmission using oil?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Generally, car makers do not give a change interval for manual transmissions or differentials. Unlike an engine, there are no gas and exhaust vapors polluting the oil.

    My feeling is 50K is good enough. I had one car with a differential die because the oil had died and that was at 100K.

    The manual for the Fiero suggested 5-30 (which is similar visisosity to the normal gear oil) but in 1988, they changed it to synchromesh gear oil. It supposedly makes the transaxle shift easier if aggressive driving.

    It is more expensive then the motor oil but considering how long it lasts, it is a cheap upgrade.

    Source(s): using Fiero's as a daily driver since 1988
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    10 years ago

    the manual for the transmission says to use 5w30? not more often than once a year is necessary on a standard. most can go 60k between trans service. I use royal purple in my 86 300zx 5 speed but it calls for 90w so..... I did notice distinct difference in how it shifted after a day or so though much smoother.

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