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Good American and Southern cook books?

Hello I am wondering if any of you kind people could recommend some good American and southern cook books for me? I am from the UK and absolutely love American cuisine! Thanks in advance! :-)

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    i am in the same position as you are

    i just bought these and can recommend them

    these are both MASSIVE books packed with great recipies

    this is a fave of mine too

    i have no problems getting ingredients either

    shall watch with interest to see what recommedations there are

  • 4 years ago

    Clara, What a exciting question! i'm getting nostalgic in basic terms thinking approximately it. American cooking is definitely one of those alluring concern. and by the previous couple of years, it has exploded in dozens of diverse ethnic guidelines, all scrumptious. yet for traditional American cooking, I recommend you come across a duplicate of the 1950 "Betty Crocker's image Cookbook". The publishers have in basic terms reprinted it, and you need to be waiting to get a duplicate for $10 or $12. it ought to have lots of recipes for stick-to-your-ribs convenience meals that could broadly be recgonized as classic American, and it will contain some Southern favorites.

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    I absolutely love Crazy Sista Cooking, it's by Lulu Buffett (Jimmy Buffett's sister). She is from Alabama and has a great restaurant there. You can also go online to and they have some great american recipes.

    Source(s): I'm from the south, Pensacola, FL (close to the AL state line).
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