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Why do girls only seem to date scrawny guys?

I keep hearing women try to make me feel better about my size by saying, "Oh, I want some big man to protect me," but then every attractive woman I see is dating some scrawny boyish type, the kind of guy I wish I looked like. Almost all male movie stars are boyish and scrawny...the few big guys are usually action stars or sports stars that appeal only to men and are less interested in love than beating people up or scoring touchdowns.

The only girls I see with big guys are those who are big themselves, and while I like fat girls, it bugs me because a number of them told me they loved that my size offset theirs. I also don't like being big myself (6'3", 245) and don't like the idea that someone else gets to feel more attractive by comparison.

So...if big guys are so prized, how come there are next to no "sexy" big guys in modern media?


Charity - Not to denigrate your answer, which isn't a bad one, but the things you say you love are the very things that I hate hearing from girls...while I'm not saying I want to be seen as a little girl, it turns me off if a girl finds me traditionally "manly" and it bothered me a lot when I dated bigger girls (over 200 lbs) who loved that I could pick them up and, worse, "made [them] look small."

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    I cannot date a super skinny man! i find it really un masculine i don't want to sleep with someone that weighs the same as me! lol. I like a bigger guy not obese, but your height and weight sounds fine to me. My husband is 6'1" and about 220lbs and i love it, i like that he can pick me up without a struggle(and i'm not tiny) when he hugs me his arms fit all around me and then some. it is awsome. Don't let your size rule you. you just haven't met the right women yet. i think you would be very attractive to a lot a women and not because just because you can protect them. i think its manly and that is hot!

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    Nobody likes fat, if that is what you mean.

    It depends on your age. If you are 18, all the 18 year olds are still going to be going after 18 year old guys, who are usually scrawny and smallish. Once they get older, they usually like the "manlier" types.

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    unquestionably I HATE scrawny adult adult males and thats no longer in uncomplicated terms to make human beings experience better. the sole adult adult males that I in many situations like are adult adult males that have a tan or blondes with super eyes yet each and every of the adult adult males that i admire are in touch with some variety of game. SOOOO base line i admire athletes. no longer scrawny adult adult males.

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    Um.. James Corden?

    I think he's making fat work for him..

    I'm pretty sure he manages to score..

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  • 10 years ago

    Maybe because the Scrawny chaps have Huge "SCHLONGS",have you thought of that?

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