checkmate boat interior boat trim?

i put ew carpet in my 69 fiberglass checkmate boat and im looking for trim or molding to put on the sides where the carpet meets the sides . any ideas what i could use. i want to use something i can get tight enough where water stay out and also something that will last... any ideas will be great

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  • mark t
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    10 years ago
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    Tony you might like to get some 1/4 round mahogany trim that would be screwed down to the deck. Bed it down in some Boat Life marine caulk to get a waterproof seal.

  • 10 years ago

    most large boat repair shops will have molding strip by the roll and they can cut any length you want, but as for getting it that tight just use a small layer of silicone between the molding and the surface you attach it to. To me its easier to make your own molding by using the same vinyl that matches the seats, interior etc. and wrap it over aluminum flat bar stock and use some really nice 1 inch marine grad pad for a nice custom look. Being a 69 model I think this will help give you an idea or two :)

  • 4 years ago

    i don't think of it is going to likely be rather as speedy as some think of. I drove one while it became into new. A seventy 3 a hundred thirty five HP motor. i'm tremendously particular it did not bypass as speedy as 40 MPH. that is partly because of the fact if the burden of the fiberglass hull. lots heavier than boats outfitted in the 80's. THe a hundred thirty five became into an exceedingly sturdy layout, however the prop diameter is slightly small so much less valuable. i'm particular it had an Aluminum prop. Stainless could provide you some greater MPH. Edit the seventy 3 a hundred thirty five is basically available in a 20" shaft, in certainty there became into in basic terms one kind. there became into no a hundred thirty five in 1972. The Checkmate became into outfitted for a 20" (long shaft). chrome metallic props the place available yet because of the fact of value had not yet exchange into properly-known. i know that Mid 80's boats with a hundred and twenty HP ran concerning a similar speeds.

  • Cliff
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    10 years ago

    my boats carpeting is astro turf, but not in the fake grass green color.

    when i had to replace it, i used the same hardware you would use on a deck on the corners, or on steps to hold in place and provide wear protection in those places (i replaced it because the corners where i rest my feet wore out, and that spot NEEDED protection).

    keeping water out, its a boat. keeping it fully 100% dry is not possible. but you do want something that wont quickly mold or rot when exposed to water.

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