Your Opinion on the 3D revolution going in the entertainment industry?


1. James Cameron. The man behind the 3D push. Avatar brought in the revolution

2. Martin Scorsese. Filming his next, 'Hugo Cabaret' in 3D. Quote, "“We see in depth, for the most part. We go to the theater — it’s in depth. Why couldn’t a film like `Precious’ be in 3-D? It should be,” says Martin Scorsese. Even Scorsese says “I’d love to do one” — so long as he can still move the camera the way he’d like to. “It just seems natural that we’d be going in that direction,” Scorsese says. “It’s going to be something to look forward to, but to be used interestingly.” He is totally for 3D

3. Werner Herzog. Herzog, of all people, is embracing 3D technology to make a documentary about prehistoric paintings in the Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc. He believes 3D is the future.

4. George Lucas. Converting every Star Wars into 3D.

5. Ridley Scott. All his forthcoming films are going to be 3D.

6. Bernardo Bertolucci. His next is 3D. Another believer

7. Quentin Tarantino. Wants to make the next Kill Bill in 3D. Always loved the format

8. Wes Craven. Another lover, but his films employ bad 3D

9. Robert Rodriguez. Wants to make Sin City 2 in 3D

10. Darren Aronofsky. Quoted, "With the right project(Robocop), I’m totally into 3D. Scorsese’s working in 3D on ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’. I am very curious what that’s going to be. Like everyone, I thought ‘Avatar’ was an incredible experience. I’m also interested in what someone like John Waters would do in 3D. That’s when it starts to become interesting, when you start to see it used in very interesting, different ways."

11. Steven Spielberg. Almost all his films are going to be 3D. Indiana Jones is coming back in 3D too.

12. Jeffrey Katzenberg. The ultimate promoter of 3D. Believes 3D will become the most dominant format in the next two decades.

13. Alfred Hitchcock. Loved 3D and made his film,'Dial M for Murder' in 3D. However, the depth and other aspects weren't right so it was released in 2D

Also Baz Luhrmann, Michael Bay (lol), Guillermo Del Toro


1. Roger Ebert. Complaints- Image brightness, Distraction, Convulsions, Extra ticket pricing.

2. Francis Ford Coppola. 'Uncomfortable glasses' is what he complains. BTW, his next Twixt Now And Sunrise is 3D

3. Christopher Nolan. “We looked at shooting Inception in 3D and decided we’d be too restricted by the technology. We wouldn’t have been able to shoot on film the way we’d like to. We looked at post-converting it, actually did some tests, and they were very good. But we didn’t have time to do the conversion that we would have been satisfied with. Inception deals with subjectivity, quite intimate associations between the audience and the perceived state of reality of the characters.”

Ive seen work in 3D like Avatar that’s exciting. But, for me, what was most exciting about Avatar was the creation of a world, the use of visual effects, motion capture, performance capture, these kinds of things. I don’t think Avatar can be reduced to its 3D component, it had so much more innovation going on that’s extremely exciting. 3D has always been an interesting technical format, a way of showing something to the audience. But you have to look at the story you’re telling: is it right?”

“In the case of Batman, I view those as iconic, operatic movies, dealing with larger-than-life characters. The intimacy that the 3D parallax illusion imposes isn’t really compatible with that. We are finishing our story on the next Batman, and we want to be consistent to the look of the previous films.

Jason Reitman. Bluntly stated, "I hate 3D'


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    Back in 1905, people said movies in general will never last against Live Entertainment

    in 1929: people called "Talkies" a fad that will die out

    in 1939: people said using Color in movies was a gimmick

    now in 2011, people say 3D is too silly to be taken seriously

    i believe that as technology gets better, we will see almost all movies in 3D. but it will be to the point that we dont need glasses and it will be smooth like watching a stage performance.

    but until then we have to grin and bear it with movies that use 3D well (Pixar, Avatar, Tron)

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    If used properly it is a great "new" thing ... HOWEVER ... my personal feeling is that it's going to have the same effect on movies as all the new & improved CGI tech has. It makes LAZY film writers ... movies will no longer be judged on whether or not they are a great story but by all the wild and crazy ways they can make things blow up so pretty. Some of the CGI stuff can looks so real that it looks fake ... it's just being way overused.

    The two Star Wars Trilogies are the perfect example of it. The OT movies were a story driven trilogy ... The prequel movies were a FX driven trilogy.

    The health risks to some are not to be ignored either ... they ARE real.

    In the end I think it will produce some great looking stuff but that it will be overused to the point that it becomes a source of no story all wild FX movies.



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    Clever way to validate inflation of a movie ticket.

    Imo I think 3d technology is too new to cinema . Cg has barely just become prefected and we all remember the movies with bad cg add ins. As always star wars added new cg to a select section of scenes (i thought could be done without) when we rolled out the cg band wagon . I Wasnt impressed at all by recent redone 3d releases such as the nightmare before christmas, which like star wars cgi took a minimal effort take.

    Ive seen hope in avatar and will continue to wait untill the technology is prefected

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    "that will make corporations in the entertainment industry the richest entities that have ever existed in American history" Corporations ALREADY are the richest entities in american history.

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  • 10 years ago

    it's a desperate ploy to keep people in movie theaters rather than watching movies illegally on their computers

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