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Could you list simple reasons that makes your life worth living?

I've been depressed for a long time but nothing I do helps me. If not for the fact that I have morals, I would be dead right now. The fact that I'm not is already a big thing for me. But I honestly can't find any reason to continue my life.

There are times when I find solace in simple things like reading and listening to music, and this is exactly the kind of things I want to hear. Please list down simple things that makes you happy. Not things like life gets better or I should continue living because of the love of people who care about me. I've heard what therapists, optimists, and religious people have to say. Just please tell me the simple things that makes you smile, laugh, giggle. If you could please. It would really help me a lot.

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    Relaxing and talking, with my husband, taking long walks in nature, my three dogs, reading, working out, listening to music, watching old movies, knitting, needlework, cooking, laughing at silly sitcoms, volunteering, cloudy days (yep, I'm an oddball here, I know), rain, flowers, meditating, taking a drive, sipping wine in the evening while sitting outside, as the sun goes down, finding something to be thankful for every single day, occasionally taking a nap, having a cup of hot tea on a cold afternoon, running around my backyard playing frisbee with my dogs, hanging laundry on my clothesline (what can i say...simple things make me happy), seeing the full moon so gorgeous in the sky just east of my home, autumn, crisp breezes, falling leaves, winter, hummingbirds, watching birds eat at the feeders in my backyard (love that!), and crawling into bed after a really long day. There are really too many things to list that make me happy, but I gave it my best shot. :-)

    Wishing you much happiness!

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    My son. Watching old Seinfeld episodes. Having a glass of red wine. My family. My cats. Blue skies. Playing online Scrabble whilst drinking wine. Magazines. Visiting the library. The smell/feel of fresh linen. Listening to rain at night. Food. Music. Swimming in the ocean. Sex. Writing. Reading the paper. Painting on blank canvass. Tattoos. Feeding the ducks. Watching my kittens play fight. Studying to work with children. Staying in a hotel for the night with my partner. Spa bath. Live bands. Ordering stuff from Ebay. The city. The country. Visiting the zoo. Sleep. Laughter. Plus much, much more.. Not enough space on here :) Also, I have had severe, deep and holllow depression. I've had anxiety since I was a child. I'm better today, for now, but can never telll what next will bring.. Be good, take care.

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    I'm not religious and I'm no therapist what makes me think life is worth living is the simple fact that I love discovering new things! It can be like finding a weird book about the secrets of life or a song that makes me feel so weird inside I cant describe it or meeting a new person that inspires me or a landscape that makes me want to paint. Simple things that just make my life worth living hell knows I even enjoyed working in retail because I loved meeting and speaking to different people everyday. Shutting yourself of from new experiences will make a person depressed so don't hinder yourself.

  • O.K.Life is not that worth living to me.There are a masquerade of characters trying to give me a reason to live.

    The devilish twins:Why would you die, there are sooo many things to do.There are foods to taste and new ones to try.There is marijuana to smoke and drugs to try.There are women waiting for you to have sex with them.There are so many other delights to try.Hedonism must be pacified.

    There's another thing they say but i won't say out of embarassment.

    Confucius:OH NO!You cannot kill yourself;life is sacred and your body must be preserved and let die on it's own.You are very valuable.You need to stay here and study Buddhism,get schooling, and settle down in a oriental country.

    Cutesy boy:You shouldn't die.You are O.K.You just need to lay down or do something fun(like go get someone to hug you).A lot of people will be sad if you kill yourself

    There are other thoughts I have but I forgot them.I know all that sounds really weird

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    My handbag collection - sounds trivial but when you are low inane thing count Big

    The fact that I can see - in colour. Something must be right

    Watching the behaviour of animals in the garden or sancutuary makes me feels more alive.

    Seeing the changes of seasons

    Wanting to be there just so I make sure I can make good use of the stuff I have

    To show respect to the people who helped me reccover from 22 years an alcoholic. I quit last May so almost 1 year.

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    She does, turning on the TV in the middle of the night randomly and seeing a rerun of my favorite TV show, looking out my window and seeing the birds flying, the way my cat seems to bark at me when it wants food (and yes i said cat), how the sun shines off of the pond behind my house. These are just a few reasons, but i have many many more.

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    I was like you and I can say sometimes i still am depressed

    When i sorta understand that this is planned by God.


    . praying(im Muslim and i really feel pure from thoughts and everything when i pray)

    .the fact that i have to fight my worries and depression for something greater

    .when i understand how life works

    .when i understand myself

    .reading and learning


    Hold on, just keep moving forward, even if you dont know what your moving forward to.

    If you would like to talk I'll be sure to answer


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    Watching nature, the birds song, watching the ants they are amazing, you might get a wild bird to let you pet it...looking at the sky at nite, and seeing the sunrise or sunset. Seriously, I do wish you would research 5htp, my depression is gone because of it...music, classical, and country music...and, getting on YA!

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    My kids, making bread, having a chat with people, shopping day, coffee, wine, a movie, jumping in the car listening to the radio really loud!

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    I hate to say it, but sites like 4chan, funnyjunk, cracked, reddit, and postsecret make life worth living for me. They make me laugh and look at life (and all of its subtle absurdities) very differently.

    Technology makes me pretty happy in general.

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