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God before family? Just me, or is this insane?

Something I've noticed lately from many Christians, & other adherents to Abrahamic faiths is that when asked what is most important in their life, they always say God, family, & something else. The reason I ask this is because usually they put God BEFORE their own family. I don't mean to be rude, but I find that absolutely batshit crazy! No matter how religious of a person one may be, how can you possibly put God before your own family? I find that very disturbing, & believe that people like this are seriously sick in the head. I myself used to be Catholic but even during my time as a religious person, God came 2nd, my family came 1st. Does anybody else find it chilling that there are religious followers out there (many) who put family AFTER God? If their are people here like that, can you possibly explain this to me? If so, why is God before your very own family? Of course I'm referring to the omnipotent concept of God, such as those in Abrahamic religions.

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    People of Abrahamic faiths may put their God before family because God in their commandments is put first. People may put God before family, because almighty God is great and can be merciful while their family is little and can be materially and intellectually constraining and can be perverted.

    There is an episode in the Bible that I vaguely remember about the father ready to sacrifice his son to God in order to get some favours from God. God asks the father to not kill the son. Thus, the son owes his further life to God and not to his father. Therefore the son who is wanting to live further will put God before anything else, will be imploring God to grant a better and longer life in freedom, away from deadly dangers, away from nasty human foes and from ferocious wild beasts.

    Therefore the son, or anybody else loving to live, will put God before family, will pray to God that family may not make their offspring the object of some ugly behaviour, of some perversion.

    People may see a sense of immense glowing ethereal freedom in God's transcendental mystery.

    When family has done harm to people, people may turn their imploring eyes towards God, perhaps towards the protecting Angel that we all are said to have behind our shoulders.

    People do know or do feel that they may get hurt and may die at any moment. Then people may turn their imploring eyes towards the Heavens towards a dreamy apotheosis of glowing certainty and of as if perennial bliss in ... almighty God's ever loving nearness.

    Therefore people say that God is before your very own family.

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    Sounds like a very intolerant question.

    However, as God is an immaterial object, the question should be raised 'what does it mean to put God first'. This is actually a prime subject of debate amongst religious scholars in general. Does it mean spending more time with God (??) than with your family? Obviously not, even if you spent two hours in prayer, and one and a half with your family, doesn't make one more important than the other (think about how much time you spend at a job, or watching TV).

    What about 'forsaking' your family and loved ones to serve God in a far away land. The only way to argue this is to assume that 'God' exists in the omnipotent Abrahamic sphere that you have mentioned. If so, this same 'God' will provide and take care of your family. Many people do the same or greater for their work or job.

    I believe that people who say that they put God first are only saying that out of a spiritual reverence and the belief that God will not take second place. In summary, when you think about it, there is no way to make the distinction, given the nature of God. So your question is rather pointless...feel free to respond.

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    A. L Williams, who founded a big insurance company to work on behalf of the consumer, said God first you second and everyone else third. It just seems to work, if you say, put your lover first, and they walk out the door, without your foundation laid right, your world crumbles. It is not so much about what I may feel is right and wrong, but what works and what doesn't work...I am not talking about going to church when a family member is in crisis...God is always with us, and guides us to help others, and be there for our family when in need, otherwise, to let them go play with their toys, play their games of life, and try to understand when they could care less about you...and still be there if needed. I think you must have a loving family, not all of us are blessed with such a wonderful thing, I am happy for you, and if it feels right for you, then go with it...

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    Of course you are choosing bits & pieces of a passage out of context to try to prove a point that doesn't exist. Even so, as a mom, if I looked around while traveling & found my 11 yr old son to not be with me, God or not I would be worried about him. He was God's Son & God entrusted Mary to take care of Him and raise Him. I'm sure Mary would not have wanted to go to God in prayer that night and say, "Oh, by the way, I lost Jesus today."

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    lets break it down in practical terms

    various social organizations want a cut of your wealth... some offer something in return

    religion offers an unverifiable promise of immortality and pressures you through guilt, fear and tremendous peer pressure the more folks they add to their pyramid network.

    gov't typically promises protection from other social organizations...and sometimes it works out ...but until nukes came along it was more likely sometime somewhere a more powerful social organization will destroy everyone's wealth and you'll have to start over...

    family too can ask for a slice of your wealth but often they will offer time and labor to help out in return...and sometimes they will offer nothing but guilt (and fear).

    Putting a snake oil salesman with an unverifiable product in front of family is indeed preposterously evil. Promising something you can't deliver would send up red flags with any consumer protection group yet the network effect of peer pressure keeps most people along for the ride.

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    It is terrible for someone to put something that may or may not exist (most likely does not,) before their family or any living thing for that matter. I wouldn't want to be in a family with someone like that or even friends with someone like that. I sure wouldn't marry a religious person. You love god so much, then marry him. God sounds like an a$$hole anyway. Believe I exist even though it is not logical or you go to hell? If you are genuinely attracted to the same sex, which is something one cannot help, you go to hell? You're going to put this very stupid jerk before your family? And how insulting to the people you know. How can you make yourself love someone to any extent anyway? That is a false and forced. Not love.

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    Not crazy . Have to put God first even above family

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    Putting God before the family does not diminish the love of family. Actually one would say that the love of family and statement of your love of God are one in the same, for who teaches us of Love. The family seems to come first for many, but without the understanding of the Great Love of God how could one have the full concept of loving, devotion to the family.

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    There are a profound amount of reasons for doing this, and I will also explain why it is spurred. Mainly because God is knowing of all events, the things that will happen before we know it. Because of this we trust in God to guide and help especially so we can take care of our family. Believing in God and loving him before the family doesn't not for any moment mean to cast the family aside, because placing God first means that we will do our best to love those around us, because the love we learn from God helps us realize how to love those around us. There is scriptural reason for this as well, for it is mentioned that even against those closest to you must you not turn away from the ways of God. Because you are also turning away from yourself in the process.

    Overall, placing God first does not jeopardize the security of things as much as secures them. I must admit that you make a complaint on this, as I honestly see the lacking of knowing how to trust in God every where. I remember when I first read that as well, that I had to sit for a while, for I grew up knowing family loyalty. But as I thought on it, I recognized what was really being said. We must also put God before ourselves, this doesn't mean live as a poor person or to punish yourself, but to merely make sure that you keep in mind the proper things to do in life and stay away from things that are offensive. People don't like that either, why should they bother about watching what they do? When really, what is life if we are not living for something that gives purpose for every day? In God is found all things, all things created have a balance a harmony to follow. Honoring God is all we can do. For every person is accounted for by God and thusly will be cared for by God. This scripture isn't supposed to set fear in a person, but to help them know that what they are doing for their family God will help them, hence we should not worry so much for he ensures this to us. What is the sense of honoring someone who will not do anything for you? This scripture is to promise us, that if we do make him first, we don't even have to worry about the things that matter most to us, because he will tend to it where we cannot....A good shepherd.

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    Personally I find religion generally to be batshit crazy.

    And I really don't mean to offend, but from my perspective, if you're already convinced that there is a creator whose existence cannot be proven through any empirical means, but you can confidently base your life around this invisible, hypothetical entity and force others to do the same by injecting politics with your self-righteous proclamations and hallucinations, it's not a far stretch to put "him" above your own family. I mean hey, if he created you and the world and everything you know, don't you owe him an even greater debt than you do to your family?

    I'm being facetious here--I do think it is wrong to put god before family, even if you believe in god. But I feel like your complaint just begs the question.

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