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What is the best dry food to feed my German Shepherd?

Hello, I would like to know what the best dry food for my German Shepherd is? she is almost 2 and I have recently been feeding her Innova Evo Red Meat Formula, I will not feed raw, and I am looking for the best alternative, recently I hear that Proctor and Gamble have purchased the company that makes EVO and that the quality may suffer, any input on this? Maybe try Blue WIlderness?? What else can i feed her to maximize her health, money is not an option as long as the food keeps her healthy, please let me have any input on your experiences with different foods and what the best is.


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    The best food depends on your dog as an individual, and I can suggest a few for you to try.

    First, Natura, the makers of Evo, Innova, California Natural, Karma, Healthwise, and Mother Nature, did get bought out by Proctor and Gamble. This happened in June of last year. At the time of the buy out, P&G signed a contract that they could not change anything about the food for one year. So at the moment you shouldn't have anything to worry about, but that contract is up in 4 months, and does not apply to their new products.

    If your dog does well on Evo, I don't see why you would need to change right away. There are so many issues with so many top companies that Evo is no better or worse than anyone else right now.

    If you strongly prefer kibble, look into Orijen. They are one of the few that own their own processing plant, use local ingredients when possible, and have an overall excellent reputation for quality. The dogs I see that are on it look wonderful. At the moment, it is my favorite dry food company.

    My other suggestion would be Honest Kitchen. It is a dehydrated food - add water and serve. They are the only pet food that uses true human grade ingredients. Not only is it U.S. made, but the ingredients are U.S. sourced, which is rare. Their website will even tell you exactly where each item in the food has come from. They are very up front about their product, which is very helpful to us picky consumers.

    Another one to consider would be Fromm. I'm sure there are others out there that I am forgetting.

    Most other top brands, even though the ingredients look great, are owned or made by big conglomerate companies.

    Here are two websites I think will help you in your research



    I personally feed my dogs a combination of Orijen dry mixed with either Bravo, Northwest Naturals, or Stella & Chewy's raw diets.

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    In general a grain free food will bring about less frequent, smaller, firmer stools, than a food with grain. They do cost more, but you can feed less. Grains provide a lot of bulk to the stool, and a lot of the food is not very digestible. My GSD did much better on Wellness & Nature's Variety than a food with a lot of grain content (not just corn, but wheat also).She is on a raw diet now. Blue Buffalo & Canidae ALS are also good choices, still more expensive than Petsmart brand though. (note to another answer: Petsmart's own food brand is called Authority)

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    Go to www.dogfoodadvisor.com and pick a 4-5 star quality food you can afford, You want a food that is grain free as grains are hard for dogs to digest (especially corn). You also want the first couple ingredients to be meat and meat concentrate because, once meat is dehydrated and put into food it loses most of it's mass which moves it farther down the ingredient list. However meat concentrates will stay at the top. You also want no by products and fillers, for obvious reasons.

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    I use Blue Buffalo. They did have a recall back in october which was voluntary ( high vitamin D levels). I have used it for for the past ten years or so and never had a problem with any of my dogs. They also make a high protein food.

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    Blue Wilderness is an excellent choice.

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    Thanks for researching your dogs food. Many people do not. I also had to switch my 8 dogs off of evo they now eat orijen or the acana grasslands. Blue buffalo gets to many recalls and has a low protein level. I higjly recommend orijen or acana.

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    I fed mine Royal Canin forumated for German Shepherds. She liked it, and did extremely well on it.

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    Use Nutro Natural choice for large dogs

    I use that brand but mine is for small puppies

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