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Harry asked in PetsBirds · 10 years ago

this might be a dumb question but can my male senegal parrot......?

get a female green cheek conure, or female lovebird pregnant? i mean since they are different breeds? i don't intend on keeping them in the same cage, but if i get another bird (i am looking at a green cheek which they believe to be female, she hasn't been tested but they know birds and say it ACTS like a female, or a lovebird they aren't sure of the sex either) can i have them out to play together.....or can senegal males only get other senegals preg?

they won't test the birds before i buy and i really want one of them, i dont want the female to get preg i dont know how to take care of eggs/babies.....nor do i want to what do you think?

thank you very much!!

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    First of all a senegal will attack a conure or lovebird. The conure will also attack the senegal. Just because some bird shops have them out on trees and they get along means nothing as these are just weaned babies.

    Senegal's are very territorial. Green cheek cojures are even more territorial.

    Having them out to play together is asking for injuries.

    Birds of the same species can sometimes mate and this is called a hybrid. Macaws are the most likely to be hybridized in the pet trade.

    Birds of different species could possibly mate - if they don't kill each other first but it won't take as biology doesn't permit it. So no a male senegal can't impregnate a female lovebird or conure.

    You have so much to learn before getting a bird. I want to see your bird and you be a success.

    Your question reflects lack of knowledge about birds, avian issues, basic biology and you need to read print books on parrot care, books specifically about conures, senegals and lovebirds.

    You should also join good bird forums to engage in ongoing dialogue with others having owned birds for decades to learn.

    There are several message boards able to help you with your parrot. I would suggest joining all of them as each one has a different 'flavor' and level of friendliness but all have members with decades of experience living with parrots.




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    Female Senegal Parrot

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    They may have sex, but they won't have fertile eggs. They're not related closely enough. Two kinds of conure could possibly produce hybrids, or two kinds of poicephalus, but not a conure and a poicephalus.

    On the other hand, a female bird can lay eggs without a male. They'll never hatch, but you don't want a female bird constantly laying eggs, either. It's too hard on them. So don't keep them in the same cage or provide anything that looks like a nest box.

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    Have you ever heard "birds of a feather stick together"? They usually don't mate with different species, but you can call a Bird Veterinarian to confirm this.

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