College question, mostly about community service hours?

Okay so...I have a few questions for the experienced?

First of all, is it as difficult to gather up 200 hours of community service as it sounds? It's a very daunting number, and I do Key Club and Newman's Club weekly and I do walks when they come up, but I doubt I even have 100 yet. My friend recommended an intern at a hospital (she already has 250 hours, I'm so jealous) or volunteering at a library. Has anyone ever done this before? How does it work, and how many hours did it add to your transcript? Any other suggestions for someone who lives in the NY area? Also, how do you see how many community service hours you have? I received my transcript recently and didn't see anything on there. When will I be able to? How will I know when I've reached 200?

The problem here is, I'm doing this so quickly because, I'm just a sophomore and earlier in the year and in my freshmen year I thought I didn't need to hurry for the service hours because I didn't need to apply to colleges til mid-senior year. But now I'm realizing that for the NHS at my school (national honor's society) I need 200 hours even to apply to get in. Ouch. I'm going to guess colleges will see NHS on my transcript, right, and it might minimally affect my chances of getting in?

Also...I have the normal worries. I want to go for a Creative Writing major (not many colleges offer that, most just English with a minor of CW, but I'm very, very strongly passionate about my writing and know I want a job involving this) and of course the best college I know of (other than Colombia which is good for practically everything) is Kenyon in Gambier, Ohio which is an excellent, excellent Liberal Arts school. I've totally fallen in love with it. The campus is beautiful, the drive is 5-6 hours from my home so I can come visit some weekends, and they have a Creative Writing major.

Unfortunately, not only is it a very selective school but it is also very expensive. And my family is like...the total opposite of rich. As in like nowhere near. At all.

So the questions I have here are firstly...What are my chances of getting in?

Information: Imagine I had gained my 200+ hours of community service because if (crossed fingers) i don't hit it by NHS, I will definitely have it for college applications, and that I'm counting a sport (which I'm taking up next year) along with Key Club, Newman's Club, and Math Club. I have about a 96-97 average running. I spent last year in a catholic school, got a very good education, but transferred to a regular public school, honors, because I didn't like the environment. I wasn't kicked out. In catholic school, i was facing a lot of unhappiness (i didn't fit in, wasn't comfortable, didn't make friends) and my overall is about an 89. It was my fault, it was a huge slip-up, and I let my emotions get the better of me. It's a lot lower than usual. I'm hoping to my grades 96ish up to senior year to fix my gpa. I have over 90's in every class excepting Chem (a 90 exactly, I struggle with chem). I'm taking AP US and AP Spanish next year (US because in 8th grade I took the regent, Spanish because in honors classes at the catholic school I went to, you take spanish 1, 2, 3, and 4 in freshman year and in sophomore year take spanish 5 and the regent). Is there anything colleges love I can do to brighten my image so that they don't pass me over when I apply? I haven't taken the SAT yet, but as a sophomore my overall is about an 1890 (Math: 49 *cringe, this is what brought me down*, Crit Reading:65 I think, Writing: 79)

Also, how difficult is it to achieve economic backing? Is the national merit scholarship very difficult to get? Would my current PSAT score have been too low, had I been a junior? I heard it's about average because I need to improve my math score.

Sorry for the length! Please help, thank you in advance!

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    yang akan saya jawab adalah pertanyaan mengenai beasiswa prestasi nasional.....

    yang saya tahu,untuk mendapatkan b.nasional harus melakukan banyak tahap yang mungkin dapat membingungkan bahkan mala merepotkan.dan kita harus sabar menunggu mendapatkan hasilnya,jadi asal semua beres kita akan mudah mendapatkan b.naasional.....

    "hadapi dengan senyuman"

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    Internships at the hospital sound cool. But remember, don't expect too much. You'll probably be filling out paperwork and similar small tasks. You're not qualified to be adminstering injections or anything lol, so it might be a little boring after a while.

    I'm a sophomore too.

    I plan to do an internship at NIH, NIST, or some other science institution in the summer between junior and senior year. There's a lot of opportunities out there, you just have to be looking for them.

    As for the volunteer hours...Weekends and summers are a great way to get them.

    I have 220 hours currently. I actually got like 50 in 8th grade, and then 80 the past summer. The rest I've gotten from volunteering at saturday school. 3 hours every saturday tutoring elementary schoolers really adds up.

    For the PSAT thing. In junior year we'll take it again, and in order to qualify for national merit, you have to score around 2200. Somewhere in that neighborhood. You'll get recognition for just qualifying. And then if you score high enough, you might be a finalist, and that'll get you more recognition and some scholarships.

    1890 is actually average for a sophomore. Even though people say 1600 is average for a sophomore, thats counting in all the outliers, people who scored 1200 (I don't know how that's possible).

    So it's fine. Math, you'll find, will become much easier.

    I'm jealous of your reading and writing scores, though. They're pretty high, and that's like the hardest part of the test. Well, for me. It's funny because I got a 80 in math, 59 reading, 63 writing

    Answer mine please?;_ylt=Akn6f...

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    shorten up your question because that is way too long. Not trying to be mean, but that was a handful.

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