What sort of hardware failure could the following BSoD stop errors mean?

I've recovered the data and wiped the hard drive on an Emachines desktop PC that was infected by hundreds of viruses and malware. As I performed a fresh install of Windows XP several times, I'd get the following BSoD stop errors during Windows Setup copying files and installation:











I've ran a few hardware diagnostics to only find a faulty memory module, which I removed and restarted Windows Setup, only to continue to receive these errors. I've also installed a different, working hard drive, used different Windows XP Setup CDs, but still received these errors. So I've ruled out the original hard drive, CD/DVD drive and media to be faulty. I've tried updating the BIOS but couldn't get the setup files I got off the Emachines support site to run on a bootable CD I created.

Please help me identify the hardware issue so I can hunt down the part I need to replace. Or if you have any other Windows installation suggestion I can try, please advise. Thanks!

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  • NervXT
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    1 decade ago
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    Was the memory itself faulty or the slot it fits into?

    I would try several different combination's.

    What happens if you put the stick you took out back in, but remove the other stick?

    What happens if you put the stick you took out back in the slot where the other stick is?

    What happens if you put the stick you didn't take out in the slot where the one you did take out was?

    How many RAM slots do you have, try different, additional, combination's if more than two.

    That's really it. The only thing that could really prompt a screen like this, especially since the operating system isn't installed, would be the BIOS or faulty hardware. Seeing as you've ruled out the hard drive and any media devices, that really only leaves your RAM. Either the module itself is bad or the slot it fits into is bad. You just have to try the several combination's out and see what works.

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