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What type of marijuana has the most THC?

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    Marijuana ranges in THC levels from 3-20%(approx.) and then there is hash, the trichomes from the cannabis plant processed into a somewhat rock form, that can have a 30-90%(if you get pure hash oil). The strains of marijuana with the highest THC is what you see in clinics as "top-shelf" or high grade marijuana. These usually have 20% THC and the clinics will tell you how much is in. Some strains include white widow, O.G. Kush, and Trainwreck.

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    No one really knows the answer to this question unless you scientifically test it

    But their are diffrent names for diffrent strans of weed that are known to be strong

    some strong strans of marijuana are : Purple haze, white widow, maui waui , norther lights, alaskan thunderfuck, blueberry, orange kush and grape ape

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    sativa for a head high and indica for a body high.

    you probably want sativa. 70/30 or 60/40.

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    the good kind.

    we call it "krip" in south fl :) its sticky and puffy and crystally and smells of heaven.

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