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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationOther - Cars & Transportation · 9 years ago

First truck what to get?

Ok it's got to be cheap, because Im not rich and not spoiled. I need it for an every day driver and for hauling metal to the scarp yard. I'm thinking of a ford ranger. Also 2 wd or 4x4. I'm proable going to get a standard transmission. An thoughts welcome. Also I am sixteen.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Get a Toyota tacoma 4x4 TRD OFF ROAD it reliable i own one myself mine a 1999 it my every day driver too an on the weak end go rock crawling an still drive it to school... price is around $8000 or lower

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  • 9 years ago

    I say f150 I have 2 of them a 94 and a 95 and the best dam truck I ever had they,can get up to 18 mpgs if u drive it right and for crash test rating not much out there that can get though that big steel bumper and the 5.0 302 or the stright 6 are unstopable thesr ttucks can go any were and haul, pull, or push anything they are such awesome trucks and just right to custimiez u can get one off from cregslist for cheap

    and of course the lengendery f150 has the best towing and hauling of its class i had my squatting pretty bad and still moved like it was empty hoped this helpped

    Source(s): experiance and ownership
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  • Karle
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    would STRONGLY recommend u scrap the small-mid size truck idea and get a full size...

    tho they get slightly less fuel economy on average if ur gonna be hauling a lot they will actually get BETTER and also last longer since they are built stronger...

    2WD is fine unless u plan to do something else with the truck.....and generally are cheaper and get better fuel mileage unless u need 4WD stick to 2...

    ** also would probably suggest u NOT get a stick shift since u will have NO way to know if the previous owner ragged it out....the autos also hold p better in most cases.....

    tho this is totally up to u...just generally manuals get ragged out more.....

    so would suggest a F-150 or a will turn tighter and last longer and is easier to work on.......but chevy is cheaper to fix when it does break....don;t really care for dodge designs especially on their bodies.....

    Source(s): and ALWAYS get an mechanic to do an inspection BEFORE u even think about buying....and make sure u see a clear/clean title.....
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  • 9 years ago

    ford 150 or ranger both good trucks

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