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what are supporters doing about their country of mexico 18,000 migrants are kidnapped annually in Mexico?

Even as more than 20 U.S. state legislatures consider Arizona-style laws designed to stem the flow of undocumented immigrants, the Mexican Senate voted unanimously on February 24 to decriminalize illegal immigration. If the new measure were to become law, no person in Mexico could be found guilty of a crime based solely on an irregular immigration status. “The message that the Senate of the Republic wants to send to the country, to the migrants, but also to the world, is that Mexico does not penalize, criminalize or persecute anyone,” said Senator Francisco Herrera of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. “That is unacceptable here or anywhere else.”

A recent Los Pinos press release indicated that President Felipe Calderón planned to discuss “the conditions that confront Mexican communities…in the United States” when he met with his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama during their fifth bilateral summit on March 3. Still, though Mexico is known more for sending immigrants than receiving them, each year some 300,000 undocumented Central Americans cross the Mexican border—with most continuing on to the United States.

While the Mexican government protests the discrimination undocumented Mexicans face in the United States, Central Americans often suffer mistreatment in Mexico as well. The plight of Mexico’s undocumented migrants made headlines in August, when the Mexican military discovered a mass grave near the border region containing 72 cadavers, most of whom were identified as Central and South American migrants. Human Rights Watch estimates in its 2011 World Report that about 18,000 migrants are kidnapped annually in Mexico, “often with the aim of extorting payments from their relatives in the United States.” A survey released days before the Senate’s decision and published by Mexico’s National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH, in Spanish) found that at least 11,000 kidnappings of migrants occurred in Mexico from April to September 2010. The CNDH also calculated that the figure could be much higher due to conservative counts of abductions and victims’ reluctance to report crimes. “Because of their irregular immigration status, [migrants] do not turn to the authorities—to the contrary, they avoid them,” according to a 2009 CNDH report. “Their status as undocumented immigrants makes them easy targets for bad public servants, common criminals, and organized crime; their intention to cross to the United States makes them vulnerable to false promises of work or transportation to their destination.”

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    Nothing at all.

    GUATEMALA CITY, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom says the Central American country is facing a "permanent invasion" by drug cartels fleeing Mexico.

    He has deployed hundreds of army troops to Alta Verapaz, a province just south of Mexico, to help root out Los Zetas, a powerful Mexican drug gang, The Wall Street Journal reported.

    "We're facing a permanent invasion," Colom said.

    Colom declared a state of siege in Alta Verapaz, allowing police to make arrests and search homes without a warrant.

    Since he declared the state of siege in late December about 25 suspects have been arrested and more than $1.2 million in illegal items have been confiscated, including cash, drugs and assault rifles and grenades.

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    How are the unlawful immigrants receiving the ransom needs? Where is the call for being despatched to? How does the abductors until they are worried with the unlawful traffickers even recognize approximately the whereabouts of the immigrants and their households? As for the $7k ransom, who is aware of wherein that money got here from? I feel if it is your possess household member you'll borrow from whomever to arise with the quantity to get your family again.

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