What to expect when car insurance company comes to my house?

Was sitting at a red light last year and next thing you know there was an F-350 embedded in my engine compartment totaling my personally customized vehicle and chipping my tooth. My insurance company (USAA) took care of all the negotiations of my property damage claim with the at fault drivers insurance company (Progressive) and that was settled in a fairly short period of time. My tooth however became a drawn out process. The gum area around the affected tooth became infected requiring an Endodontic procedure and multiple dental visits. We had difficulty finding a dentist that would bill the car insurance directly and ended up paying out of pocket for visits. Treatment has been completed and USAA has reimbursed us for some but not all of the medical costs. I sent a certified/notarized letter to Progressive seeking the remainder of the medical expenses incurred and a small pain, suffering and deprivation of enjoyment amount. I received a call today from Progressive saying that they received my letter and made an appointment to come to my residence in Florida to discuss "coverages and settlement". I have never hade an insurance claim ever before and am unsure of what to expect or what I am supposed to do when the insurance companies representative comes to my house.

This question is only for Lawyers/Paralegals, Insurance Adjusters or people who have been in this situation before. I am not interested in any other peoples ridiculous opinionated rants. Those will receive an immediate thumbs down.

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  • Stuart
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    10 years ago
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    Here's good news: Progressive recognizes that you have a legitimate claim, and they are trying to avoid having you go to USAA and have the subrogate the claim for you.

    What that means is this: USAA can simply award you whatever it is you're asking for, and then turn around and go after Progressive for the money they laid out for you plus an administrative fee that can be substantial. Subrogation is usually used when the other driver has inadequate insurance or none at all, but occasionally, it is used company - to - company, and it is considered a slap in the face to the losing insurance company in the business.

    Progressive would not bother sending someone out to visit with you if they could just get away with a "Yeah, we don't think so" letter or a "Here's a pittance check to make you go away" letter. They intend to negotiate with you and the person who visits with you will have a check in their pocket that they can write to you then and there. Your job will be to discover what amount that person is authorized to write.

    My recommendation is to be cordial - no sense having the Progressive person leave angry - and to make it a business meeting, not a personal one. No one cares about the tricks your cat can do or what the names of all the kids are. You and the insurance adjuster are arriving at a figure you can both live with. Offer a refreshment, a comfortable chair, and then remember that one learns a lot more with their mouth shut and their ears open.

    Good luck.

    - Stuart

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    They are probably coming out to perform a quick inspection on the vehicles for existing physical damage. While that agent is out there, they will try to push some other insurance, probably homeowners but maybe more. The whole experience should take less than 15 minutes for both vehicles. They look at the title/registration, cross check against the VINs on the vehicle (there are multiple ones they might check) and take photos to show any existing damage.

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