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Sm/yg/cube/ audition questions.?

Quick questions

1. If they like you will there be more rounds and and how long will the process take?

2. Is currently accepting auditions?

3. I'm vietnamese with a really good singing voice, even though I'm not the "main" asians, will they still accept me?

4. I don't understand korean, but I read the words. Will they still accept me although I can't speak korean?

5. What is life like a trainee?

6. Do you still have to go to school?

7. Would it help if you could also dance as well as sing?

8. When you go to audition or send in pictures, should you wear makeup or keep it natural?

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    1. you'll send (depending on what agency theres different rules) a pic of your full body, your fac with no make up, no photo shop nothing and your details depending on how you audition online or at an actual audition its up to you

    after your audition they would say they'd get back to you in 3 weeks maybe earlier depending on how good you are...or never lol

    after and if everything goes well you'd get the opportunity of being a trainee

    (entertainments like sm, jyp etc really look for the pretty and the fab, however yg (the best) looks for the talent.)

    2. i dont think so, some mblaq members didnt even audition for j.tune like lee joon in the casting of ninja assassin rain thought that lee joon was 1:SEXY 2: could dance 3:good actor 4:korean...then rain asked lee joon if he could sing, lee joon replied "yes, a little" so then that when lee joon became apart of j.tune ent. (i dont know if all of that is the true story but, its what ive heard)

    3. again depending on your ent you chose. if your EXTREMELY PRETTY sm will take you in without a second thought. (light skin, nice hair, korean looking-ish good bod etc) and if you really do not look korean yg would take you if you have a real good voice

    4. i dont know, G.NA couldnt speak korean after debut, nichkhun couldnt either, and i know sm gives korean lessons to their trainees. so yeah they'll accept you

    5. trainee life is all in all good. but it is hard, you are always looked down at i guess, like your instructors will never be fully satisfied, they'd always be like "oh no that wrong, oh your face looks like your dying etc" i know sm is real strict with everything but if your a strong person then go ahead..yg is more comfortable because your not always pushed and restricted however when it comes down to business there the boss

    6. you dont have to go to school but they'd recommend it. but you'd half to if you are in highschool untill uni. then you can chose whether to go uni or not.

    7. it could higher your chances but if your not that good dont do it you'll just make a fool of your self.

    8. question 1 answered the pic one, but in auditions you can but be careful not to look to over done or like a drag queen :)

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