cooking poll!>>. how long do u defrost frozen?

chicken peices for? should i just leave them on the side board or fill the sink with water and soak for a few hours.>!>.

pt2..when cooking the u put in spices at the end , or the beginning.... i use oil, fry some onions and then throw in the chicken...i usually tip a few handful of various spices in at this stage.... but it tastes odd.>!>>! i dont know what each spice does ,,,but i go for a bit of everything wont harm anybody...

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    well, I leave my chicken in the package and defrost it in warm water in the sink. I wouldn't defrost it outside of the package in water though. I think it would water-log the meat.

    If you've already taken it out of the package, then leave it on the counter until it's defrosted.

    When I make chicken I do a variety of things. I always bread my chicken before I cook it, but I do it in different ways. Sometimes if I want a thicker breading, like if I'm not using a sauce, I'll do seasoned flour (with salt and pepper), then dip it in raw scrambled egg, then dip it in a mixture of panko (breadcrumbs), grated parm cheese and garlic powder. Then I'll fry it.

    If I'm going to be putting it in a sauce I'll just dip it in seasoned flour then fry it enough to be browned. Then I'll take it out of the pan, add the onion, garlic, maybe mushrooms....par cook those. Add the sauce ingredients (including any spices), the chicken, and then cook.

    Spices that I think go well with chicken are: garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage, cinnamon, celery salt, italian seasoning. I wouldn't use all of those at the same time. Try garlic, rosemary, celery salt and cinnamon the next time you cook. Then try sage, thyme and rosemary another.

    Hope that helped :)

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    First, you should never defrost chicken A) on the counter, or B) in water for "a couple of hours" (unless you change the water frequently or unless you put it in a bowl and run cold water over it constantly), or C) in warm water. Doing any of these things may cause bacterial growth which can make you ill.

    People who advocate any of these thawing methods who "have been doing it for years" have been very luck for years, and I guarantee that when they get salmonella poisoning they will stop doing it that way.

    For spices, you should use them sparingly so as not to overpower the taste of the meat. Salt and pepper is often enough. Rosemary, sage, garlic are all commonly used to add a particular flavor to chicken, but should be used in a marinade or added near the end of cooking so they do not burn or burn off, destroying the flavor of the spice. Salt can be added at any time, because it is essentially a rock, which will not burn. Salt added before cooking has the added benefit of drawing juices to the surface of the meat, which will cook into a natural crust and adding an extra dimension of flavor.

    Source(s): (Look at this web site and read in particular the safe ways to defrost meat.)
  • First of all do you even know what a "poll" is? This is not a poll it is a simple question. This is the wrong section for polls. So by putting "Poll" in your orginal question yo are in violation of YA.

    As far as your Question. Put them in abowl or other conatiner iwth side in the fridge at Least overnight. Adding various spices is fine but just remember it may taste funny becuase some spices just done go together.

    And yes tou season before cooking. An hour or so before cooing best so that you great great flavor penetration.

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    You can safely defrost chicken in the frig (for many hours) or you can quickly defrost it in a bowl of cool water over half-hour or so (shorter, if you leave a drip going into the bowl so the water stays the same temp)....but "hours" or "in a sink-full of water" aren't necessary).

    (see my answers here for more details)

    As for spices and flavorings, there are a jillion ones to use, and many ways and times to use them during prep or cooking. For example, you can use a "dry rub" of spices/herbs (after patting the chicken dry, which is important) before beginning to pan fry, or you can make a pan sauce from the drippings in the pan and add them then, and/or you can add a few of them at the end to give a "fresh" flavor too. You can add the aromatics (like onions) before cooking the chicken or after cooking in the pan...and while part of the other is cooking, or one at a time.

    You should investigate spice/herb combinations though since there are ones that will "go together" better than others, and in certain proportions (or you can buy various pre-mixed herb-spice combinations at any grocery).

    Check out at least my answers in these previous questions for more on those:

    and more on spice combinations to try:

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    I have very successfully defrosted chicken pieces in an herb marinade rather than soaking them in water. I usually put the chicken in zip lock bag with marinade and put in fridge over night.

    my fav marinade: low salt chicken stock, sage, crushed rosemary,and mint leaves. You can do whatever you wish. I want the seasonings all through the meat and this does it along with getting the meat defrosted so I can fry it easier. oh, baking works too!

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    if in a hurry i soak in water other wise in the fridge

    and a hand full of spices is

    tooooo much

    here is a link that show what spices go with what foods

    hope this helps

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    When roasting frozen meat, poultry or fish in an oven, curb the temperature with the aid of 25 levels and increase the roasting time by way of half of. Use a meat thermometer to determine the degree of doneness of larger cuts. Insert the thermometer after the meat has partially defrosted. Also, on the grounds that it isn't going to be thawed, regardless of your searing it, you're going to have additional fluid to deal with.

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