Can i sue, what are my options?

I live in ontario, canada. I filed for ei (unemployment insurance). I started the process for the loss of my job (sitel) in november of 2010. It is now march and they finally were able to process everything. They have payed me $990 after numerous agents told me it would be more. I'm only receiving $180/ 2 weeks, which can't support me at all. I'm an expecting father soon and need all the money I can get. The big kicker is, they can't use sitel as calculations because it was 1 week before my ei due date. All my long full time hours were in sitel. So now they leave me with barely any money and steal the rest of my money. Please tell me there's something.


Alright to the first poster. Thank you for attempting to answer, unfortunetly I know I need work, that's why I filed for ei. The details are as followed. I worked as a customer service specialist. I worked for 7 months for 45+ hours a week. My department was shut down so I filed for ei. The first time I was rejected due to not enough ei hours eligible. (Which doesn't add up as I had fufilled the ammount). I started 2 more jobs after the customer service job. One job was through a restaurant and the second was through the goverment as a sales administration. Through my claim they stated I did not file all my past employments, which I did and was shown online through service canada. After months of waiting and speaking to every single ei csr, they finally finalized. So from november 2010 to now they couldn't use my customer service job to calculate as ei hours because the process of their lack of commitment to my claim. They only used my goverment job and my restaurant as th

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    We don't have any idea of the situation here, your explanation is very cryptic. Are you saying you were paid less than promised? In that case the Ontario Ministry of Labour should be able to help. Otherwise, I can't really see what happened, let alone how to help.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    And simply hgow do we all know that it was once the bus's fault. School bus drivers do not take too many probabilities like that. How do we all know that you just did not experience into the bus. What does the police file say. Do you've any witnesses? If you'll be able to persuade us that you're correct then you definately perhaps capable to cinvince a court docket.

  • 10 years ago

    I fail to see what you want to sue for, or even who.

    If the handout isn't enough for you the logical solution would be to get a job.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    as you can see by some answers....sue who...and why...if you are not entitled you are not stop spending so much time looking for an easy way out...go sell cans...go pump gas...go wash cars...make money for your family and leave us alone about it

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