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    2011-03-03 22:50:50 補充:

    To whom it may concern: I am writing this explanation letter to inform you regarding my illegal residence in New Zealand . During this period of time, I’m trying to apply for reinstatement of my previous academic status as student of the “學校名稱”. I believe that I’ll get my new student visa status within two or three weeks. However, the immigration department refused my applying due to my poor academic performance, and they want me to provide them more motivation reasons and supplemental documents to help them to be more understand why they should give me another chance to stay in New Zealand . I expect my situation to be temporary and desire to resume my student visa status, would also appreciate any suggestions you might have that would help me get back on track. Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this letter. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely yours, _______________Eddie Jones

    Source(s): 妳要唸書啦 d:P 再混妳就要倒大楣了~記得說妳是中國人來的~ d:P ccc.. just j/king~
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    2011-03-03 16:00:16 補充:

    Sorry!My visa was expired and make your persecution because the result of study was so bad that NZ immigration office refused my application.

    When I know the applicaion was refused and keep applying for visa,hope can success.

    2011-03-03 16:00:22 補充:

    No offense illeagl residence in NZ, I hope I hope the immigration understand .This time I sincerely immigration give me one chance to NZ for studyingand let me resume the status of student.Thank you once more.

    2011-03-03 16:00:49 補充:


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