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Does anyone own a venomous snake is it even legal ?

I love my pet snake he is great but i could never imagine owning a venomous snake cuz myn has bit me before but no problem cuz hes not poiseness i jus wonder if your even allowed to own a venomous one and would anyone?

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    Laws vary from place to place, but by and large, it is legal to own venomous snakes. It is a thriving sub-section of the reptile hobby. It takes special skill and attention to detail to responsibly keep venomous snakes and none of this is to be taken lightly...your life literally depends on it.

    Contrary to what "Jazzy" says, deaths from captive held constrictors are statistically insignificant. However, large constrictors, including Burmese and Reticulated pythons are not for beginners. They also require skill and attention to detail often lacking in the beginning keeper. They must be treated with respect and you must learn the body language of the large constrictors in your care. Proper technique and understanding will keep accidents to a minimum.


    For those that have given the thumbs down...perhaps the cold hard statistics can show just how likely you are to suffer death due to a captive held reptile.

    As you can see, you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be killed by a captive held reptile.

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    check with the fish and game but here is what i found if you are asking this i assume you have never kept a venomous snake which if im right then you should not be getting a cobra anyway. they are not beginner snakes and can be very hard to handle. getting one to be cool is a stupid reason i hope thats not why you want one. either way you should have a lot of experience with venomous snakes before getting into elapids. Arizona: Native Venomous: No permit is required, however other restrictions apply. Please contact Arizona Game and Fish Department for all the details Exotic Venomous: Permit is required Protected Native Venomous: Permit required Arizona Game and Fish Permits Coordinator 2221 W. Greenway Road Phoenix, AZ 85023

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Does anyone own a venomous snake is it even legal ?

    I love my pet snake he is great but i could never imagine owning a venomous snake cuz myn has bit me before but no problem cuz hes not poiseness i jus wonder if your even allowed to own a venomous one and would anyone?

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    I agree that you must be experienced, responsible and very careful before you think about owning a venomous snake. And I would thumbs-up ftfisher's answer if I could, but I'm not high enough level yet. More people are killed by dogs than by large constrictors. The people who are killed by them generally did something stupid, like handling them with no one else around, or not having the proper enclosure. I have to add a HUGE *sigh* for all the misconceptions and bullcrap about large snakes.

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    I have had venomous snakes but do not recommend them to the average snake keeper. It may be illegal. It may require a permit. Remember that, even where it is not restricted by law, you are responsible for whatever damage your "pet" does. For example, if it escapes and somebody panics and has an accident, you are held responsible. It doesn't matter whether your snake was a king cobra and bit somebody or whether it was a worm snake that just scared the person.

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    Venomous Snakes Uk

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    Firstly let me correct you

    No snake on this planet is poisonous. They are venomous. Poison is ingested, venom is injected. you can actually ingest snake venom and it is used in lots of medicines.

    and certain laws are different depending on the country. when i have my own house i want to own a copperhead which is ranked as one of Florida's top venomous snakes

    The UK is a bit stricter with owning venomous snakes because we dont want them escaping into the wild but in the states its different because if one escapes it is not a big deal because there is already a large population out there

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      Yes poisonous snakes exist and one that lives in the UK is. It is called an adder and it is classified as poisonous but that is the only one I know of.

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    Different countries and counties have different laws regarding keeping poisonous snakes.In the UK some towns allow you to keep certain species of providing they are kept securely and with 3rd party insurance insurance in case someone does get bitten like a burglar.

    You would need to be vetted by the RSPCA and would need easy access to antivenin.

    Many insurers would not insure people keeping them.

    Providing the above criterion and other criterion is met then it is legal.

    This is with the exception of those snakes covered by CITES and there may be highly volotile snakes such as black mambas which only zoos are allowed to keep.

    Source(s): Personal experience and friends who keep them.
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    jenny most venomous snakes are no where near endangered you should research before you make such statements.

    there are more people that keep venomous snakes then you think, many people dont just go around saying it because its not about a cool factor for most.

    venomous snakes are not for beginners, it takes time to learn how to handle them, some states ban the keeping of them while others have permit systems, then some have not laws at all.

    i keep venomous snakes and have for around 5 years, i have kept copperheads, cantils, saw scale viper, puff adders, death adders, cobras and many others, someone posted that they had kept creastes cerastes, they are very cool snakes i had one and a vipera.

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    Snakes aren't "poiseness" they're venomous. The first answer has no clue what she's talking about, obviously it's not just zookeepers who own them. It's a thriving hobby. Also "they are illegal only if they're like not dangerous and not wild" Every single snake is wild and most are dangerous by definition so there goes all snakes.

    Laws vary from state to state. Typically you need a venomous license. Some states ban them outright and some states have no laws on them at all so they're 100% okay. More and more states are bringing in laws about them now that issues are coming to light but this is all very recent.

    So far none of the answers nor yourself understand the point of keeping one. They are not "pets" they are display animals. They're in their enclosure 24/7. Sometimes you toss a mouse in and sometimes use have to use snake hooks & gloves to move them to another tank while you clean.

    Since you guys are considering handling it or something you clearly aren't responsible enough for one. They are only for experienced keepers who are mature enough to avoid risks. You say they think it's "cooler" yet you never see them swinging them around bragging about the risks like people do with huge pythons. They actually understand the risks and it's likely you'll hear them talk about nothing but warnings and disclaimers unlike some python owners who say their 22 ft retic is the "coolest thing ever!"

    When it comes to "pets" and not people stomping around in the wild, pet pythons are what kills more people by far. They and others are quite capable of disfiguring you in one bite and because their reckless owners think it's okay to handle them that happens quite often. People who own venomous ones understand risks a lot more than many python and boa owners whose snake can actually kill them. Probably over 90% of venomous reptiles in the pet trade are don't contain venom that's commonly deadly and their owners tend to be much better versed on what to do in case of accident. They often seek help quickly or even have antivenom or a hospital in mind. More commonly they avoid risk situations all together.

    Overall there's /tons/ more accidents involving nonvenomous than venomous and those wounds can be just as bad if not worse.

    Source(s): I like to handle mine so I don't have any that are really venomous. If you want to get real technical, my hognose is a rear-fanged venomous. You don't need licenses for those. Here at least, but I don't believe anyone should period. They get 2 feet tops, the only way they could bite you is if they got your finger way down which is near impossible since they don't open their mouths when they strike, and have been called "friendliest snake" by snakebytestv over corns and ball pythons. Yet they're venomous and there's talk of banning them. You can own retics without licenses in most places, those easily get over 20 feet long. I think burms are responsible for the most deaths though. Off the top of my head I can think of 5 cases.
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