A few MTG questions...?

I've been playing for a while, but when I started I bought like a starter kit or something and it came with basic rules. So there's still some stuff I'm not sure of.

1. Can you explain the creature effect 'Regenerate'?

Regenerate: "The next time [permanent] would be destroyed this turn, instead remove all damage marked on it and tap it. If it’s an attacking or blocking creature, remove it from combat."

What does it mean by "the next time"? And when can I use this? (In what situation?)

2. And when a card says "until the end of turn" I assume it means until the end of the turn that I played the card? Or is it until it returns to the persons turn that I played it on? When is the end of turn?

3. ¿Can I use creature effects or enchantment effects during the battle phase, after the blockers are declared? (if i already had the creature enchanted of course.) (Like you would use an instant.)

4. If I attack, and my opponent blocks and I use and instant that destroys that creature, ¿is the damage dealt to his life still, or does it still get to block my attack? If the answer to this question is that it does get to block even though I destroy it, if its stronger than my creature, does my creature die?

5. And when a card, like a spell says it deals 'damage to target creature' the damage is dealt to toughness, right? And what if it isn't enough damage to destroy that creature, It does nothing to the creature, right?

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    1. Regenerate basically means if a creature dies, it is brought back to life. Drudge Skeletons for examPle says 'tap 1 black regenerate' so I'd it were to die you tap one black and he comes back to play. But if you don't tap one, he dies.

    2. You are correct. End of turn is at the end of the turn the spell was played on. For example, if you played a card on your opponents turn that said 'creatures get -1/-1 until end of turn' once his turn is over they do not have the-1/-1 anymore.

    3. Yes. You can use creature effects any time. But you can only play enchantments on your main phase.

    4. Yes.. Instants are faster than creatures. Lets say you are attacking. Your opponent blocks so you could use an instant called 'Neck Snap' which destroys target attacking or blocking creature. The blocking creature would die and damage would be done as if the creature was never there.

    5. Yes. It deals damage to it's toughness. If at anytime it's defense is reduced to 0, the creature is destroyed. At the end of the turn you are on, the power/toughness is back at Its original points. You clould use 2 different damage dealing spellson one creature though. Lets say a creature is a 6/6. You can use an incinerate (which deals 3 damage to target creature) and then another incinerate. Then the creature will die b/c it is being dealt 6 damage for that turn.

    Hope I helped!

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    1) A Regenerate ability puts a shield on the creature. That shield says that if the creature would be Destroyed, instead remove all damage on it, tap it (if it is untapped), and remove it from combat (if it is in combat). The shield wears off after one Destruction is prevented or at the end of the turn, whichever comes first. "The next time" means it only works once for each time you activate the Regenerate ability. Like any ability on a non-Planeswalker permanent, unless it says otherwise, you may use it any time you have priority.

    Basically, when you see that your creature is about to be Destroyed (like a Doom Blade has been cast at it, or after Blockers have been declared in combat), you use the Regenerate ability to prevent it from going to the Graveyard.

    2) "Until end of turn" means until the next time a Cleanup Step is reached (which is the last step of every turn).

    3) Yes.

    4) Once a creature has a blocker declared against it, that creature is blocked for the remainder of the combat, regardless of anything else. Blocked creatures only deal combat damage to a player if they have Trample.

    5) No, Damage does not have any effect on Toughness. Damage sits on a creature as it's own number, and remains on it until the Cleanup Step. Toughness is just a measure of how much damage is required to kill the creature.

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    When your creature would be destroyed by combat damage then pay its regen. cost, remove all damage from it and tap it. By next time, it just means when it gets destroyed.

    Until end of turn means until the end of YOUR turn unless otherwise specified.

    I am not 100% sure but i believe that an enchantment can be used as an instant unless otherwise specified.

    You HAVE to play an instant do destroy a creature during the battle phase. For example, if you have a mono black and your opponent has a mono green and you attack with say... Gatekeeper of Malikir and your opponent bloacks with say... Khalni Hydra, you use something like Doom Blade and the Khalni is automatically destroyed and the damage from your Gatekeeper gets through.

    yes, it deals damage to its toughness so say its a 3/4 creature and you use lightning bolt, it becomes a 3/1 until it gets to the turn of the person that controls the creature you played the bolt on. All damage sticks until the players next untap step.

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    1. well it works like the reminder text say. You usually use it when a creature would be destroyed from combat or in respond to destroy effects spells/ability.

    in combat explanation

    your opponent attack with leatherback baloth http://magiccards.info/wwk/en/107.html

    you block with drudge skeletons http://magiccards.info/10e/en/139.html

    you play the regenerate ability -> drudge skeletons get a regeneration shield.

    damage are dealt -> normally drudge skeletons dies but because of the regeneration shield what happen is.

    the 4 damage are removed and drudge skeleton gets tapped and removed from combat.

    responding to spells/ability.

    your opponent play go for the throat targeting drudge skeletons http://magiccards.info/mbs/en/43.html

    you respond with the regenerate ability > it goes on the stack on top of go for the throat

    regenerate ability resolve > drudge skeleton get a regeneration shield

    go for the throat resolve attempting to destroy drudge skeleton but negated by regeneration shield

    tap drudge skeletons

    2. it's end of the turn you played the card.

    3. yes, if it's an activated ability. Activated ability are abilities with this format "[cost] : [effect]" for example the regenerate ability on drudge skeletons.

    activated abilites on creatures with the tap symbol can't be activated when it still has summoning sickness.

    If it's static ability then it is always "on".

    4. it still considers your attack blocked. your creature won't get destroyed if you destroy his creature before combat damage is dealt.

    5. the correct phrasing is the creature is marked with the damage. if a creature marked with damage equal or greater than it toughness it is destroyed by state based effect.

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    1. Particularly to Planeswalkers? Now not that I know about, good, possibly "lost in the Woods" which gets rid of a creature from fight. However any card that forestalls harm, fight or in any other case, may even hinder it from Planeswalkers. 2. "goal participant sacrifices a creature." so until your opponent ambitions himself(wherein case he can simplest sacrifice creatures he controls), you can be targeted and making the determination. Well, I feel your opponent would have Mindslavered you, then for your flip, forged Gatekeeper of Malakir with Flash somehow. Then they'd pick. Three. Nope. You follow all the common principles for the card, which entails putting it on the stack after which hanging it into the proprietor's graveyard. Or onto the Battlefield in the case of a permanent. Even if you had some that put it into exile, it would be a different card when back, so no, it wouldn't depend. It's a tremendous ambiguous, i will recognize the way you would no longer admire what it used to be doing. Four. Strictly better? No, since growing Vengeance is confined to spells you control, which might not be always higher. That said, it does have some prospects, for instance with Geosurge.

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