2009 scion tc trd vs ford mustang v6?

keep in mind that the scion is the modded trd version. both are automatic transmission. which has better performance? which should get me better insurance rates?


oops you added a 'w' to the end of that. naw they aight but im broke lol.

Update 2:

see that puts me in a tough position because im post-college age. 25. and im a techy-kid which puts the scion ahead with its modern style and gagetry. but i do identify with the classic heavy metal/muscle car fan mentality a great deal. i like dirt and leather and jeans and headbanging. i think i like them both equally but they each appeal to two opposite sides of my personality. :sigh

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  • Juan
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    9 years ago
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    I own a 5-speed 2006 Scion tC and i'll tell you what I know. The tC is an awesome car. It comes with 17" wheels, SUNROOF, Pioneer Speakers, Keyless entry, and a bunch of other cool features. It also looks great, I get many compliments on mine and its Stock! It will save you more gas than the Mustang, and its more reliable. However, the Mustang is faster. I raced an '08 somewhat modded V6

    Mustang and got smoked! Overall the tC is a better car, in my opinion.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well the scion was aimed more towards younger consumers like college kids and whatnot. The ford mustang is geared more towards muscle car buffs. I think if you want to feel more manly, go with the mustang but scion isn't too bad in its own right.

    Buy one of those car consumer magazines you can find at stores or supermarkets. They give you informative advice on all makes.

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  • evert
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    3 years ago

    they're the two 2 door so insurance would be extreme on the two because of the fact they're the two seen activities vehicles. They the two will suck up gasoline too. i might circulate with the Scion. you will possibly desire to circulate with handbook transmission. It places out extra ability and saves on gasoline somewhat than an computerized.

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  • Lup Bo
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    sorry they're both garbage get a BMW instead

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