I need help starting a band.?

Im 13. Yes its young, blah blah blah. I play guitar. Im not great but I can play Green Day, Three Days Grace, stuff like that. I would like to start a band with my friends but #1. There not serious about it. #2. I need a bass player and a lead singer. I know it probably wont happen, but still I love music and I love making music, and I think A band would further extend my learning.

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    9 years ago
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    I had that probel when I was ur age. I still do. nobody takes it seriously. It's super annoying and a bit stressful. But then again its a middle school band. There isnt much to be serious about. Ur not going to find a lead singer. Guys voices r cracking at ur age so that throws guys out of the equation. And nobody really like rock anymore. It's a sad fate. Luckily people like u keep it going. It's good that u want to start a band. Yes it can further ur learning. But not alot. Ull lern to stay in time. And deal with other musicians. It's a harsh reality hombre but it's still fun to try. My suggestion is don't worry about getting a band. Work on bettering urself as a musician. Greenday is way to easy. There's only like three chords in a song. Get some solos in ur songs. Like Acdc mettalica. Classic rock. Metal. Just focus on becoming a btter guitarist. if u want to play just set up a few jam sessions. U don't stress bout being the only focused one and u get to work with other people. Then once ur really good u can start a band and play a few gigs. Oh and bass is hard to find. Alot of people find it as a boring instrument. There's no screaming solos on it like on guitar or insaneness of drums. Again work on urself and just jam when ever.

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    Hang up and hand out some flyers around your school. Make sure the flyers have all the info you need: what kind of music you are going for (rock, indie, etc), what kind of band member you need (lead singer, bassist, drummer, etc), what age range (ex ages 12-14), etc. Get a place to hold auditions. I have to tell you, it's difficult to find bass players cuz most people just play regular guitar nowadays, but keep tryin!

    Hey, and congrats on putting your idea into action. I'm around your age too and me and my bff are starting a rock band (like The Runaways's genre). Me and her are both guitarists and singers, we have a drummer, and now we just need a bassist.

    Best of luck to ya!

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    Look online for other people in your area who also enjoy music, meeting new people can really change things up. Try www.ultimate-guitar.com in the classified section, I know a few people who have gotten good results. Usually people using that website are committed to being in a band, and with you're music tastes there are quite a few of them.

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    If you aren't serious about it, then don't worry. Try singing, or get a friend who can sing. It's harder to find bass players. I sing and play guitar, I'm 13 too, and I'm starting a band with my friends. Have fun with this.

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    That sounds wonderful! I will play the drums. Perhaps even an electrical cowbell on the part. Gotta have extra cowbell. [edit] Ooh and that i just idea of some random band names. Pirates in tight pants. Phalanges...The asymmetrical. Muahaha. What do you suppose?

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    Is there back round singers?????? i'm a 17 year old female........

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    ask around at your school, put flyers out about it bro. craigslist might help to.

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