Are Dyson vacuum cleaners usually worth their cost?

Or are they usually overpriced?

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    It depends on how you view the cost. If you're looking strictly at the price of purchase, then yes it may be an expensive vacuum. If you're placing it against it's competition, then is far less expensive and better performing than say a top of the line Oreck or a Kirby. Put it against anything cheaper and it's a far superior vacuum all the way around. The only vacuum I've used that has similar performance and costs less is the Shark Navigator, but it is also half the quality and durability that the Dyson is.

    I purchased my Dyson DC07 more than six years ago for $400 and it's still going strong. It has been hassle free and is as good today as when I bought it. The price works out to a mere $66 per year of ownership. The DC33 model is similar to the DC07

    I recently picked up a Shark Navigator Lift-Away, and while Shark tries to compare it to a Dyson, it is NOT a Dyson! The Lift-Away has the performance that is similar to it's more expensive rivals, but it's build quality, durability, and overall look and feel is more akin to it's cheaper brethren.

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    Dyson vacuums have an excellent build quality and design. Folks that purchase a Dyson tend to be happy with it, but generally no more than a less expensive premium vacuum. Generally, the biggest complaint about a Dyson vacuum would be the weight, which ranges from 16 pounds all the way up to 33 pounds! While that might not sound like a lot, you'll certainly feel it when bringing it up and down stairs and after cleaning a large room!

    Miele canister vacuums are in the same price range but tend to get better reviews. Alternatively, an upright bagged vacuum like the Hoover Premium Lightweight series costs half as much, weighs 11.5 pounds and provides similar suction.

    Hope that helps!

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    I Have a carpet cleaning business and get through lots of vacuum cleaners. My Dyson gets used and abused everyday and no problems so far (its 2 years old). It will probably break today after that comment though.

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    No I don't think they are any better than the cheaper models.Previously I had a $99 dollar Sanyo & it worked just as good & was much easier to use than the Dyson.

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    In the event that they steal a Dyson vacuum cleaner...Why no longer? Let me just plug my new Dyson into my neighbors vigour deliver and wallah! Vacuuming with a Dyson is the brand new borrowing gray Poupon&alternate; out of your neighbors Bently..Yay!

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    Dyson vacuum cleaners usually High capacity bag in vacuum cleaner and wheels that turn around 360 degrees are some features you look for your Dyson space. Oreck Dyson comvac extra wide vacuum cleaners are such Dyson vacuums that will fit your all needs.

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    Yes they are. I purchased the pet one 6 years ago and it still sucks everything up. Worth the price.

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