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Ippon asked in SportsMartial Arts · 9 years ago

Would you recommend AIKIDO or BJJ for street self defense?

When people have written similar questions in the past I immediately responded with BJJ. But, is it that simple? BJJ is a combat sport plain and simple. The BJJ school I am looking at teaches submission grappling only. On the other side Aikido, is geared for self defense mostly and not sport (I am looking at the traditional aikikai Morihei Ueshiba classical Aikido).

Which would you recommend?

The practicality of a combat sport in BJJ?

or the more classical TMA Ueshiba styled Aikido?

Please no, "it doesn't matter which one they are both good. All arts are relative and good. It depends on the individual" all that. It doesn't help frankly. I do believe different martial arts/combat sports prepare you better than others. I do not believe all are totally equal in preparing you. I am just looking at your own personal opinion. Which one you would choose and why you would choose that one or the other.


Apollo Thunder: Thank you for your response! Great answer! Yes, that's what I am looking for straight forward personal opinion and why. Straight, to the point, great, thank you.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Based on your question's details, I would lean towards Aikido, not because I think it trumps BJJ in terms of techniques, but because it teaches a mindset that is geared more towards survival, not victory. There is a big difference between winning a fight and surviving an attack. In most self defense situations, surviving and coming out in one piece is in itself a victory. What most people have problem understanding is that you don't need to go toe to toe with every idiot who picks a fight with you or jumps you. Sometimes, all you need to do is neutralize the attack and escape the moment you see the opportunity present itself. Aikido usually teaches you to either throw or pin an attacker to the ground and then make your escape if you can. BJJ being a combat sport would tend to teach a mindset that is more aggressive and competitive, usually geared more towards dominating an opponent by taking him down and submitting him, this puts you close to your attacker and exposed to any counter he may resort to. In a dojo, that's ok, but out in the streets, you never know what's gonna happen and what danger lurks around the corner, so sticking around to grapple with your attacker is not advisable IMO. Technique wise though, I'd be more inclined to recommend BJJ for women, if only for the fact that most rape scenarios involve grappling on the ground against a stronger attacker.

  • 9 years ago

    I would do Aikido for street Self defense because BJJ is mostly fighting on the ground and thats not what you'll want in street Fighting

  • 4 years ago

    Self defense can be taught one of two ways. By a good instructor who has combat experience. OR by taking any martial art and then surviving a violent attack. Once you get the experience of surviving a life or death situation it'll streamline your way of thinking when it comes to applying martial arts techniques. I would recommend finding a teacher that has that kind of experience. The learning curve for a do or die self teaching course is hard core and the penalty for failure is usually death. Most any style can be used effectively for self-defense if taught specifically for that purpose and no other purpose. You either train the combat applications or you train to for competition. You can't train both.

  • 9 years ago

    BJJ is more of a sport than anything. Many say its a competition version of traditional jujitsu. I know that Aikido has techniques that focus on combating multiple opponents. I would go with Aikido. Both are great martial arts, but BJJ focuses on one on one training. I would assume that it is quite difficult to fight two people when you are grappling one and the other is standing. And when you look at it (this is just my opinion) Aikido seems to look more like a street self defense art when put to use.

    Source(s): 8 years studying Jujitsu and I took some Aikido classes.By the way, Aikido is very interseting. EDIT: Your welcome
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    4 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    BJJ is fine as a grappling an take-down art and effective on a one-to-one basis. If there are two or three attackers, the BJJ exponent must be equipped with something else to defend and ward off the unsynchronised attacks. Yes, there is a certain degree of 'aliveness' but, that's for submissions, short of breaking bones. In a real situation, submission holds are a luxury when your life is in danger.

    As to Aikido, one says that there isn't any 'aliveness' and that sparring partners co-operate without resistance with each other during sparring sessions. This is to ensure that no one is hurt during training. Now, in a real situation, the attacker will not co-operate with you, but will resist your defensive and counter moves. If your understanding, training and conditioning is thorough, your attacker will be gravely hurt. As said, Aikido can handle more than one attacker at a given time. I'll opt for Aikido.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you want my personal opinion, i say Aikido so long as it's taught by a good instructor. I have no idea which you should choose otherwise. The problem is that both apollo and keyboard have valid points.

  • Jim R
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    9 years ago

    Look at the facts as you presented them. Sports like BJJ are great fun, but they are sport and have sport mentality. None of the stuff I ran into in bars, or alleys, was very sporting. For protection, especially with authentic lineage to Ueshiba, I would pick the aikido, for very obvious reasons.

  • 9 years ago

    Neither is truly better. With that said, as Apollo pointed out, BJJ is a sport and in a real life situation, how many muggers are going to let you hold their buddy in an armbar?

    @Keyboard Warrior

    Your evaluation of Aikido is inaccurate. In randori, you are attacked at random (sometimes by multiple opponents) who are free to resist if they can. And referring back to my example, is a group of muggers going to fight you one at a time?

  • 9 years ago

    Aikido would be my choice as self defence is a priority.

    BJJ : AS admitted by Rickson Gracie is modified judo.

    No contest there.

    Best wishes :)***

    Source(s): Former Japanese ju-jitsu coach,Boxer, Bouncer,Taobudo Concepts
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