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Are HeLa cells stem cells?


I know what HeLa cells are, but do they count as stem cells?

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    No, they're cancer cells. They were taking from a biopsy of Henrietta Lack's tumor (without her consent, may I add).

    I understand your confusion, however. In many ways, cancer cells behave very similar to stem cells. The problem is that their control mechanisms have gone haywire and thus we get tumor-producing cells.

    Source(s): I'm working in a Stem Cell Lab
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    A HeLa cell (also Hela or hela cell) is a cell type in an immortal cell line used in scientific research. It is one of the oldest and most commonly used human cell lines. The line was derived from cervical cancer cells taken from Henrietta Lacks, a patient who eventually died of her cancer on October 4, 1951. The cell line was found to be remarkably durable and prolific as illustrated by its contamination of many other cell lines used in research.

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