Could an RN with only an associates degree get hired for a job as a Nurse Adminsitrator?

I know a woman who is an RN in ICU. She is the charge nurse (a.k.a. the head nurse) of the ICU nurses, and has been an RN for about 4 years now. She only has an Associates degree in Nursing. Anyways, she is going to an interview for a position to be a Nurse Administrator. I thought you have to have a higher degree before you can become a Nurse Administrator? Does she have a chance of getting hired or not?

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    It depends on the hospital. Mine requires that a clinical manager have a BSN and the "hire and fire" boss of a nursing unit have a Masters. "Charge nurses" can have a BSN, ASN, or 3-year diploma.

    Is she the person that makes staffing assignments, determines staffing acuity, or fields problems or concerns from patients that come up on her shift? That's what we call "charge nurse" duties in my facility and any RN in our unit can (and does) assume that role.

    Or is she the kind who does your performance appraisal for your yearly job evaluation and helps determine what kind of raise you get based on your job performance? That's the kind of charge RN we call "clinical manager" and they do require a BSN at my hospital.

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    "i be attentive to I cant be an LPN without Bachelor degree" Who informed you that ? the place do you reside? I stay in substantial Wisconsin. NO LPN's in this section are required to have a Bachelor degree. If that replaced into the case why might absolutely everyone acquire a Bachelor degree to be a LPN once you would be a BSN RN. The LPN application is a a million twelve months technical college degree (after pre req's) . not something extra. Over 0.5 the RN's in substantial WI are basically associate degree. ADN nurses haven't any issues looking a activity and gets a commission comparable to a BSN if doing an identical activity. My spouse is a DON in an acute rehab center and only employed a clean grad ADN nurse this week. i become uninterested in examining each and all of the BS in this website that declare ADN's haven't any destiny, no pay and so on. only not actual. I paintings for a Fortune one hundred insurance enterprise as a utilization evaluation Nurse. we've over 50 RN's on my unit and basically a handful are BSN's and a million Masters. commencing pay is mid 50's with many making 60K and extra. And opposite to what many say. There are diverse colleges that supply ADN to BSN ending touch courses.

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    My first question is how big is your facility? She would NEVER even be a charge nurse in an intensive care unit with only 4 years experience where I work. I'm assuming this is a very small community hospital and not a major medical center. I have seen nurse admins with only 2yrs formal education, but they have decades of experience working on the floor.

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    Sure, she has a chance.She wouldn't have made it as far the interview if she didn't.

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