What can you tell me about Somalia?

I am doing a research paper on why people are leaving Somalia and coming to America. Right now I'm starting with the history of Somalia like politics and religion. I'm having a lot of trouble finding information about what it is like today in Somalia.

The next topic is how to survive in Somalia. Please help!

my teacher is very strict on using sources so please leave a source and if it is your own words could you leave your name (doesn't need to be real I guess) and some info about your self thank you!

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    Somalia is a country of 8 million on the horn of Africa with a long history of corruption.

    When somalia gained independence from italy it became a democracy but crime in somalia slowly grew to high amounts and al queda and the muslim brotherhood established in somalia.

    In the 1980's civil war started because muslims terrorist orginizations wanted countrol of the country which happened because of their large amount of member in somalia and there advanced military. Since that civil war crime has skyrocketed, inflation has caused somali money to be pratically worthless, Health has declined, the economy has crashed and the education level in somalia went down. For the next 20-25 years somalia didn't have a government but was ruled by islamic terrorist orginzations. Then another war started and somalia gained a government and now somalia has become better but not a lot of improvement. The major religion in somalia is islam. Even though somalia has terrible corruption and violence there is estimated to be 7 billion barels on somalia coast and in addition to that the country has vast resoucres of Uranium, Iron, Gold and zinc. Only time will tell if somalia becomes a better country by using it's vast untapped resoucres

    People are leaving somalia for america because of everything listed above.


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    A country below zero on a scale of civilisation.

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