Will I be able to get into the University of Michigan?

I'm an in state junior ranking 7th in 108 students in a high ranking high school in Michigan

I have a 3.96 GPA (A-’s or 94%s lower it, and our school doesn’t weight GPA)

I received a 28 my first time taking the ACT a few months ago with a 30 on the math (working hard to improve to at least a 30 composite)

I’m a female wanting to study mechanical or civil engineering and I’m taking technical classes including CAD and Engineering Design at my school

I received scholarships to attend 2 summer engineering camps at Ferris State and Lawrence Tech

I’m taking all honors courses and AP courses available, AP World History this year and AP Government and AP Literature next year

I’m taking Calculus and Physics next year (no honors courses for those available)

I tested out of Spanish 2 to take and engineering course and I’m going to complete 4 years

I’m a member of NHS and I donate blood when our school has blood drives

I am on 2 Varsity teams (going to be a 4 year varsity softball player)

I’m also applying to a 2 week summer engineering program at Michigan that has a scholarship to attend the camp included

Sorry this is so much information, I really want to be accepted here and hopefully earn some scholarship money, any suggestions? Thanks :)

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    Lots of UMich questions show up on here. First off, congrats on even aiming for UMich-a lot of kids are really frightened of the place because it IS so tough to get in.You're definitely within the range in terms of GPA of the "average" UMich student; ACT is a bit low, and extracurriculars aren't spectacular but are decent. This year (and I can't say what next year will look like) was brutal at UMich-students with weighted GPAs around a 4.1 got rejected or deferred. These students often had ACT composite scores of 30+ and decent extracurriculars. Last year, UMich got a better enrollment rate than they expected, so the freshman class was consequently too big for the residence halls and classes by about 1,000 students. This year, UMich has played a much more conservative game to avoid this again.

    It's excellent that you're taking those AP classes; if you can get As or A-s in those classes, that will REALLY strengthen your application. Try to keep pushing upwards in those sports-being a team captain and showing how YOU made a difference in something is the most important. It's awesome that you give blood for NHS, but if your school's NHS is like mine, it's sort of a joke. Colleges don't look at NHS like they once did.

    Since you're interested in engineering, attend those programs. Ferris State is a well-known school here in Michigan, and that will strengthen you much more than some blood donating can. Additionally, try to bring up your ACT score; although the admissions people usually just glance at it to make sure it's "competitive," having it higher is MUCH better than having it lower. You want to look GOOD for UMich-a lot of kids vie for a spot there each year (over 30,000 applicants/ year).

    Best of luck to you! Since I got in, I can tell you that I had a 30 on the ACT (composite), a weighted GPA of 4.25 (U/W 3.85), great extracurriculars (reaching state and national recognition in multiple fields), and strong letters of recommendation. If you write good essays, pull up that ACT, hold the grades, and pick good recommenders, you should get in :)

    GO BLUE!!!

    Source(s): In-state student attending UMich starting in September
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  • 9 years ago

    ya why not

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