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What does it mean when a guy you don't know stares at you and doesn't look away?

He doesn't smile, and we stand pretty far away so it's not that I have anything in my teeth. He can't like me can he? I mean we don't know each other

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    good grief, can i brink a little reality to the table, though there are some good answers as well.

    he is boy he seems to be looking at you, but he doesn't smile, this seems to be the only confusing factor here, if he did smile you would think that he did like you, wouldn't you.

    people are different, not everyone will be comfortable with the same kinds of behaviour, or even be able to flirt at all in a way that would commonly be recognised, does this mean that he wants to kill you ? or creep (we don't have this word in the uk, unless you mean a creep, which we don't really have either tbh) err no, much more likely he is just a boy, like any other, but just a little bit different maybe.

    he doesn't need to know you to like you, all guys are like this, they are attracted visually at 1st

    its no big deal though is it, he is not hassling you is he, if you are attractive then 100s of guys will look at you as time passes. so in a while he will find some other girl to look at, and maybe one day when he is ready, talk to.

    so the best bet is he is just a guy like any other but a bit different.

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    Perhaps he's on medication. I have found myself in an allergy fog having taken some allergy meds that have left me with a dazed mind. I have caught myself "staring off" in a daze and only after coming out of the aforementioned daze did I realize that I had been staring at a particular person.

    Either it's some innocent mistake like that or..yeah, he's a bit of a freak.

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    It means he's somewhat interested in you.

    Depending on the guy it could mean anything, what could be going on in his head? It could simply just be him gorming out, and looking at you. But it could be something like "God shes hot" or something dirty. Why don't you wave at him next time.

    I used to have a guy who stared, i waved at him and gave him a big cheesy grin, he turned red as a tomato! But it's not about me, its about you!

    ;D how often does it happen?

    I would just say hi to him one day, whenever you feel its right, see what happens. but watch out! You never know why he's staring, it could be pretty sexual thoughts in his head, so stand your guard. ;)

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    He may think you're attractive.

    Or like others said (which is much more likely), he's a creeper. And I advise you to say as far away from him as possible.

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    9 years ago

    It means hes probably a creeper...

    If I see someone I like, I'll look and look away...I don't maintain the stare. xD

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    Freak alert

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Wants to ravage you

    Is a possible stalker

    Is drunk and doesn't realize what his doing

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    look up "Do the creep" by Lonely Island on Youtube.

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    9 years ago

    He may want to kill you. It's just one of those things that either means he wants to kill your or you look familiar.

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    Just ignore him. Probably he's mistaken you for someone else.

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