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what does a rainbow swirl on the back of my ps3 game mean?

i own a Playstation3 60GB, and i have had it ever since it came out back in 2006. and i have never seen this happen until now. so the night that Killzone 3 came out, i bought it, went home and popped it into my Playstation. and after about an hour or so the game started skipping and lagging a lot. like in between cut scenes. so i took the game out and looked at the back of the disk to see if it had any scratches on it, but there wasn't any. the only thing that was on there was this rainbow swirl, almost like how oil does on the road just as it begins to rain, that i never had seen on the back of any games i have ever owned. so the next day i took the game back to gamestop and return it for a new one thinking maybe it was a manufacture mess up. i return home and started playing it again. i played for like 2 hours, trying to beat the story mode, and it started skipping again. took the game out and look at it and it was the same thing that rainbow swirl again. so i started thinking that it was my Playstation. i looked at all of my other games to see if they had the same thing happened to them and finds out that most of them are starting to do it. like with just little lines on it. but for my UFC game it is just as bad as my killzone 3. so i have no clue what is causing these swirl like patterns on my games and would like to know how to fix the problem if i am able to. seeing that i have the 60GB Playstation3 which they don't make any more. any ideas anyone? thanks

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    it could be the exposure to the systems heat..but


    these "lines" are made from the manufacturing process of the disc.

    they will in no way remove from the quality of the game nor the load times.....

    its isnt common but at the same time it isnt rare to have these lines in a disc.

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    Your Playstation could be over heating. This will cause the Material used to store the data on the disks to warp and discolor like that. Try to get some compressed air(About 2$ says electronic safe on the can) and blow it into the console. The collection of dust inside could cause it to overheat rapidly and damage the disks. If that does not help, try to open the console case and remove the dust. If you have a lifetime warranty, DO NOT OPEN THE CONSOLE as this will void that warranty. If not then i bet its expired, so go ahead.

    There are many tutorials on how to do this. If you open the console and clean all the dust out, and it does not help, then chances are you have to get a new ps3. You could also leave the case open and hope it allows extra air in, or separate the Disk drive to allow the heat to dissipate before reaching it. For example open the case and move the boards a few inches away from the BD drive if possible.

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    I got the same issue with killzone 3 it make wierd noises when I put it in and it doesn t read. I worried it about the console and haven t played the game in almost two years.

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    have you spilled anything on or near it? maybe it has some kind of residue in there. because i have never had this happen. and i'm not sure what it looks like, but i don't think it would be burning or melting in that sort of time. so i'm thinking something is being smeared on the discs

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