Is this a pretty piano piece?

I wrote this song when I was 12. I just found it on my youtube and wanted to see what people thought of it again. Comments would be nice. Thank you.

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Lisa B, haha :] I sing myself. But I can never sing and play piano at the same time. It sounds nasty haha. But my boyfriend sings AMAZINGLY. He has a country, southern accent and it's deep so I'm hoping to do something with him sometime :]

Update 2:

Lisa B, OMG That would be so amazing. My email is I'll love to work with them :]

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  • 10 years ago
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    Wow - thats amazing! We should team up! Can you or any of your friends, by any chance, sing?

    Edit: good, please do. Alternatively, if you want, I could send you some of my (published) poems for you to play around with and make into lyrics for that tune if you want. Then maybe your boyfriend could sing it?

    Edit: okay, I should send them sometime tomorrow as I've got a bit of food homework that needs doing tonight. It'll be good working with you!

    Source(s): poetess and fellow pianist
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    pritty good i must say add that to a song and have a few other instruments in there it would sound beautiful :)

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