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what happened in wesley snipes tax evasion trial?

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    On December 9, 2010, Snipes reported to the Federal Correctional Institution McKean near Lewis Run, Pennsylvania.[37][38] In a television appearance on December 7, 2010, Snipes was asked by CNN's Larry King if he was nervous about going to prison and admitted his trepidation about doing time. "I think any man would be nervous," Snipes said. "Given the length of time that they are suggesting that I be away from my family, away from my profession, away from my ability to provide for my family and for those who have depended upon me to contribute to society ... I think anyone would be nervous about that."Snipes said to the judge that."When I get out in 2013 I will make my final blade movie called "Blade Trilogy" in 2013 on the day of my release.

    Snipes' projected date of release is on July 19, 2013.[39

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    He was found guilty. Consequently, he went to prison.

    Another poster, trying to be clever, mentioned Nic Cage. Unlike Snipes, who claimed he owed no taxes, Cage admits he owes the taxes, and is trying to star in every bad movie made, to pay the taxes he owes.

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    He went to prison. Meanwhile, Nicholas Cage is free to roam. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances but Mr. Cage had similar tax issues.

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