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why do atheists need proof and why did atheismn not prove a dang thing for me?

i converted away from atheism when living in a world of theory and guesses was getting me nowhere, and i realized that i was missing out on a great fun life by being a rotten dick head to the believer whom all along were right and i was shamefully wrong. converting was as simple as shutting the a s s located between ur nose and chin and opening up ur heart and mind.

so atheists i ask u the same thing i asked myself, why cant science and logic prove how life started why is it called the big bang THEORY?? why is most everything in science a theory?? y do u have to complicate a simple concept as believing?? y do u assume that what we do souly by choice means we were brainwashed?? and if brainwashed is the definition of choice then y dont you guys go bash on the gays too while ur at it.since what they do is personally decided by choice too?


now that people have answered, this is not directed to any 1 person i'm speaking in terms of a whole group of people. and I all along knew what a theory is. I all along knew that it was an abstract thought or a coherent group of general propositions used as principles of explanation.

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    This account, as great as it is that you are happy, is not at all a good representation of Atheism.

    I can tell you right now, you were an atheist for the wrong reasons. To be an atheist because you think it will answer your questions, couldn't be further from the truth.

    The whole reason most people ARE atheists, is because they don't find the answers given by the bible to BE truth. They want the answers, and the only people brave enough to search for them are Atheists.

    Now there is a definite line between Atheist, and Anti-Theist. You sound like you were more of an Anti-Theist. Their main objective is to cure the world of what they feel is the "theocratic disease".

    They most likely feel hurt or imprisoned by their old religious ways or teachings, and wish to help free others from the same fate. In all, their outward appearance is the opposite of their goal.

    Now to answer your question. The word Theory seems to be controversial in the minds of people who are too lazy to define it properly. gives one definition of "guess or conjecture."

    ...You'll notice how this is the 7th and final definition of the word. This is because they are defining it how society uses the word. There is a term for it that I do not know off hand, but it is well represented in the word Gay. It used to mean happy, now it means homosexual.

    The word Theory, is correctly defined, in the scientific sense, as "a coherent group of general propositions used as principles of explanation for a class of phenomena: Einstein's theory of relativity."

    Even the bible would fall into the category of a theory by this definition. All it states, is that the theory itself, explains a phenomena. It does not state whether or not it is testable, or even correct. To say that something is disqualified just because it is a "theory" is to say that all things cannot be trusted. Not even gravity is proven 100% of the time, and is considered theory. However we all know gravity is real.

    This is not the same however for the Big Bang theory. There are multiple theories how the universe started. This is just the one that scientists feel makes the most sense. The "Creation Theory" is another. Using the word theory as an argument, just shows your lack of knowledge for what the word actually means.

    Now by the same assumption, I feel you assumed that every scientific anything was just a THEORY, and gave it up for the "answer". Sure, christianity can tell you why something happened. But that doesn't make it true.

    Now, I have a BIG problem with the last sentence in your question, and it just shows how ignorant christianity has made you. Multiple scientific studies and experiments have shown that GAY MEN SHOW CELL DISTINCTION FROM STRAIGHT MEN, and I will link to that in the sources section. There was also a case where a boy got his penis cut off by a fluke circumcision. He was given HORMONES and TAUGHT TO THINK AND ACT LIKE A GIRL. He still LIKED GIRLS. He was then informed that he was a man and killed himself, because he couldn't stand being a man in a woman's body.

    If this isn't proof that being gay is NOT a choice, then there is no hope to convince you otherwise.

    This kind of ill information is the sole reason why "I" am an Atheist. All things answered by religion, just make life boring and meaningless. I personally do not wish to spend my time worshiping a malevolent dictator. If you choose to, and it makes you happy, that is your decision.

    To say that children are not more susceptible to ideas than adults is just wrong. It is proven that children are more willing to accept preposterous ideas. aka tooth fairy, santa clause, easter bunny. As soon as they realize that these things are fake, they move on with their lives.

    I've just done the same thing with religion.

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    First, you say, "why can't science prove". Well, proof is a mathematical concept, not a scientific one. It's impossible to "prove" anything in science, only to support it with evidence. Science is open to being wrong and therefore there are no universal proofs.

    Then you say "why is mostly everything in science a theory". Why? Mainly because scientists have a hypothesis, and then support it. Science, as I said, is open to being wrong. Most scientific theories are facts. Gravity is also a theory, as is electricity. But you believe in those. Also, you're getting confused here. "Theory" does not mean "random idea" in science. It means [A HYPOTHESIS which has been supported by enough evidence to therefore make it valid as an explanation]. Most theories have thousands of peer-reviewed, second-guessed, verified pieces of research and study behind them.

    Now, the most important thing you need to look at is this - Just because science can't explain something, it doesn't mean religion can. I bet you 200 dollars you can't explain how a rocket ship works and gets astronauts to the moon. However, if I come up and say "the space ship is powered by an invisible candy bar," it doesn't make me right. Just because we don't know the answer to something yet, doesn't mean any other answers provided are automatically right.

    What gay people do isn't decided on by choice, by the way. We're basically on the verge of discovering that being homosexual is a genetic thing.

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      No you are not on the verge of discovering that homosexuality is a genetic thing..LOL..You will never find it......

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    Jacob, your life must be busy, what with worshipping every deity ever conceived of, it's a wonder you find time to come here and enlighten us. See that's the problem with your little 'why do you need proof?' philosophy, it means that you're either a hypocrite and have adopted some of the disbelief of the atheists in order to disregard other deities, or you must necessarily accept that every single deity exists, in fact we can go further than that if we're abandoning the need for proof: how about Santa, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, the loch ness monster, bigfoot, vampires, werewolves and/or zombies? If proof is merely a petty requirement of the collective atheist mind, you surely have accepted the existence of all these things.

    Also, as has been mentioned, you misunderstand the meaning of 'theory' in the scientific context.

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    Don't be silly. The fact that stuff exists clearly proves that a purple giraffe named Jeffery made it all and then disappeared up his own bottom. The earth is beautiful and also ugly. Most animals have gone extinct, people die daily cos food won't grow in large parts of it. There are parasites like malaria and worms which feed on human eyeballs. If the earth was made by a god, he either does not care about life on it or is having a 3.5 billion year lunch break.

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  • The fact that you were a "rotten dick head" had nothing to do with your religion or lack of. It was a result of your own unique personality.

    The fact that humans do not yet know everything about the universe is not an adequate excuse to fill the gaps with a god, nor does it prove that any one god in particular is the one responsible for it.

    Your lack of understanding of what a scientific theory is, as opposed to just a theory, is not an excuse to dismiss things that have more research and evidence to back them up than any god.

    Please do not assume all atheists share your personality, your ignorance, or your personal experiences. This is called projection and does nothing to make you credible.

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    anything is a theory until it is rigorously proven, therfore most things are theories. Christianity is full of guesswork.

    As long as you accept your belief as a theory then I have no problems with it. The same goes for atheists, it's when you start stating belief as fact that I get annoyed.

    Face it, we will never truly know

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    Sheesh, you're being a bit harsh...

    Science has yet to prove how life began, however, we're getting awfully close. It isn't as complicated as you are perceiving it to be. Who said all Atheists chose the term "brainwashed"? I actually support gay rights, so I won't be bashing on them any time soon.

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    I had an open heart and mind once. The delusions it created nearly destroyed my life by making me spend money and waste time chasing unproven and paranoid things that I believed were messages from God. Turns out I was just crazy.

    Also, I would rather admit ignorance than embrace a god of gaps.

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    Things you don't understand, and most likely never will:

    1. The meaning of the word "theory" when used in a scientific context.

    2. Unanswered questions do not equal "A god must have done it."

    3. How to write a coherent sentence.

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    um what? Seriously? Words fail me. You're actually complaining because science uses logical theories? In comparison to just making stuff up?

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