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What's a good skunk deterrent?

A skunk already sprayed outside my house a couple times and I finally saw it for the first time tonight. I think it might be living under my house or around the shed. I don't want to hurt it, but is there something I can use or put around outside that will drive it away? I just want it to find a more appropriate home.

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    Look around your house and shed carefully for a hole that the skunk might have dug. It will most likely be right next to the building but possibly a little ways away. If you find it, go to a discount grocery store and buy a big jar of cayenne pepper. Pour the pepper generously in and around the hole and then plug it with big rocks or bricks. Check every day or so for new digs and if you find them repeat the process.

    This worked for me in just a few days. The skunk moved on. But the pepper does kill the grass that it sits on though.

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    Ammonia will make the skunk leave. Poke some of it under the shed and it will have a hard time breathing and leave.

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    A dog

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