If You Live a 1/2 hr. away from an Airport......?

I live on 1 of the Flight Paths in my neighborhood here in the Bronx, NY (When I looked @ "SkyVector" I found 1 of the Flight Paths is called "ORCHY". I'm guessing from looking @ the diagram that these Flight Paths called "ORCHY" are on are coming from my neighborhood b/c I live near "ORCHard BEACH") in which the airport (LaGuardia) is only a 1/2 hr. away. Of course, if you live VERY Or EXTREMELY Close to the Airport (in Flushing or East Elmhurst) the planes are going to fly Lower & Louder. But in my neighborhood they're not that loud. So, I was wondering if I live 1/2 hr. away from the airport:

How Many Feet are they when they fly over my house or in my neighborhood? (I heard that they're like around 100 ft. as they are approaching the Runway.)

I'm open to any info.


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    The height and speed depend on the type of plane. Some planes climb higher faster than others. You might get more information in the proper forum -- perhaps aviation.

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