ik this sounds weird but i dont want to look arabian?

im sick of people calling me a bomber because i SLIGHTLY look arabian, my skin is light like theres but they dont realize that im not a bomber, and im not musleum! im catholic! I know i should change but in this judgemtnal world...we kind of have to. Please someone help me, wat can i do to not look arabian


shouldnt change**

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    9 years ago
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    there's nothing you can do about your facial features, just don't carry yourself like a loud, stereotypical, obnoxious arabic douche bag. we have many of those in my city, and they really piss me off with their arrogance.

    if you can come off looking intelligent, civilized and humble you could tell people you're part jewish, greek, armanian, georgian, whatever. there are many nations who look middle eastern, and aren't muslim and don't appreciate what the muslim world is doing. i've also met arabs who renounced islam and want nothing to do with the bullshit in the middle east.

    yeah, armania is christian. so is georgia, i believe.

    lebanon, believe is or not is very secular, greeks/sicilians sometimes look like arabs, and of course, the isrealis. oh, and never wear a desert scarf over a tshirt

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