What are the answers to the most recent Jeopardy Teen Tournament test?

Did anyone just take the test for the Jeopardy Teen Tournament? I just want to know the answers.

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. Romeo comes from this Verona family

    Answer: Montagues

    2. A paraplegic Marine heads to the moon Pandora in this 2009 film

    Answer: Avatar

    3. Named for an 18th c. scientist, it'll be back near our solar system when you're in your 60s

    Answer: Haley's Commet

    4. This observance takes place every April 22; the first one was in 1970

    Answer: Earth Day

    5. The name of this state capital contains 3 words, one a body of water

    Answer: Salt Lake City

    6. This nation is the main setting for the "Hunger Games" trilogy

    Answer: Panem ?

    7. The 3-letter word for this animal can also mean to intimidate someone

    Answer: ??

    8. He wrote the "Hallelujah Chorus" for his work "Messiah"

    Answer: George Frideric Handel

    9. Though revised, French civil law is still largely based on the code he enacted in 1804

    Answer: Napoleon

    10. Kristen Bell narrates this series that's set in New York City

    Answer: Gossip Girl

    11. A soldier's "about face" involves a turn of this many degrees

    Answer: 180

    12. The highest peaks in Peru are part of this range

    Answer: Andes ?

    13. A gold coin once used in Great Britain, or the chief of state in a monarchy

    Answer: Sovereign

    14. His whale of a successful writing career began with an 1846 novel about Polynesian life

    Answer: Herman Melville

    15. In 2009 there was a Van Halen version of this Activision game

    Answer: Guitar Hero?

    16. It's the museum where you'll find "Liberty Leading the People" by Eugene Delacroix

    Answer: Louvre ?

    17. Autumn leaves turn color as shorter days & cooler nights cause the breakdown of this chemical

    Answer: Chorophyll ?

    18. The first of these was authorized in 1790, "for the enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States"

    Answer: Census

    19. This war ended in 1975

    Answer: Vietnam

    20. Appropriately this last name of Lucius & others includes the French word for "evil"

    Answer: Malfoy

    21. A mosaic needs this cement-like mortar between the pieces, just like in a tiled bathroom

    Answer: Grout

    22. The "Moho" is the boundary between the earth's crust & this layer

    Answer: Mantle

    23. This city of 350,000 people is about 10 miles south of the confluence of the Mississippi & Missouri rivers

    Answer: St. Louis

    24.In Genesis Esau is this patriarch's hairier brother

    Answer: Jacob

    25. She spent almost every day of her life, 1830-1886, in Amherst, Massachusetts

    Answer: Emily Dickinson

    26. Born Katheryn Hudson, this singer changed her name to avoid confusion with actress Kate Hudson

    Answer: Katy Perry

    27. This candy bar is "packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate"

    Answer: Snickers ?

    28. Meaning "double point", the German Doppelpunkt refers to this mark of punctuation

    Answer: Colon

    29.Simon, Jack, Piggy

    Answer: Lord of the Fliest

    30. In 1981 he settled in for a while as leader of Egypt

    Answer: Hosni Mubarak

    31. This big rodent represents industry & activity on Toronto's coat of arms

    Answer: ???

    32. Cyprus is in this sea

    Answer: Mediterranean

    33. Dictionaries commonly describe "the" as "the definite" this

    Answer: Article

    34. This Broadway musical features the Green Day songs "Holiday" & "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

    Answer: American Idiot (musical)

    35. A girl who had her appendix out in a French hospital run by nuns was the inspiration for this title character

    Answer: Madeline

    36.This sharpshooter starred in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show for over 16 years

    Answer: Annie Oakley

    37. Dolly, this type of animal, was the first mammal created by cloning

    Answer: Sheep

    38. This, the oldest postseason college bowl game, was first played in Pasadena Jan. 1, 1902

    Answer: Rose Bowl

    39. This man laid the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol in 1793

    Answer: George Washington

    40. This 7-letter verb means to forward something on Twitter

    Answer: Retweet ??

    41. This Charles Dickens work takes place partly during the French Revolution

    Answer: A Tale of Two Cities

    42. This fabric pattern of numerous round spots was first used in the 19th c. & is named for a Bohemian dance

    Answer: Polka Dots

    43. In area it's the smallest New England state

    Answer: Rhode Island

    44.This organization that safeguards animals was founded in 1866

    Answer: ASPCA

    45. Atomic number 17, it's a poisonous gas that's used (carefully) to purify water

    Answer: Chlorine

    46. He's 15 years younger than wife Demi Moore

    Answer: Ashton Kutcher

    47. St. Vladimir's is the title educational institution in this Richelle Mead series

    Answer: Vampire Academy ?

    48. This people built the mighty city of Tenochtitlan where Mexico City now stands

    Answer: Aztects

    49. This philosopher & author of many dialogues left Athens after the death of his friend Socrates

    Answer: Plato

    50. "Cretaceous" & "lactescent" are fancy ways of describing this color

    Answer: White?? Chalk????

    Source(s): I am 16 and took it...and did pretty bad. I figure I got about 19 right. Anyway, here are the questions and the answers that I knew/looked up afterwards. Most should be right, but ones with ?? I wasn't sure on. Good luck on getting on the show
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  • 4 years ago

    Jeopardy Questions For Teens

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  • 4 years ago

    Teen Jeopardy Questions

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes, I just took it! But I think I did bad! and I'm only 13 years old -_-.The questions were pretty hard, what did you think? and I don't know, some of the answers that I think I am sure I remember of were

    twitter 7 letter forward - retweet

    new england state - rhode island?

    "..." describes color - chalky

    Can't remember anymore, so sorry! There were so many difficult questions I was stressing out. :(

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