Help me get aim bot for black ops ps3?

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if someone can help me download and install aim bot for black ops on ps3 ill give you best answer but plz tell me were to get it without any surveys and give good detail on how to more
Update : im only asking this 4 my friend i dont cheat
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Tell you friend if he's not good enough to play black ops then dont play. All it does is show a ignorance and lack of any type of skill....

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your right he should not hack im going to tell him to stop trying to hack all the time or he wont be my friend cause hes making my clan look bad and making everyone else mad
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  • I'm some guy answered 3 years ago
    Using aimbot for any game is cheating. Don't be a cheater, cheat. Play the game like the rest of us. Oh wait I know why you need to cheat, it's because you suck at video games.
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  • sergii100 answered 3 years ago
    you would have to hack it and get banned from ps network
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  • Comfortably Numb answered 3 years ago
    Yeah... no.

    You would have to jailbreak your Ps3, and Sony is now banning players who violate their User Agreement.

    It is also a pretty ***-holey thing to do.
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  • Ted answered 3 years ago
    You sir shall burn in hell if you hack.
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  • Neil answered 3 years ago
    If you want to hack use xbox pleaaaaase!! im a ps3 player :)
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  • James answered 3 years ago
    Your a idiot hacking the game is ruining it you b*tch
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