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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsGeography · 1 decade ago

Are there any islands of development in Zimbabwe?

Are there?

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  • Randal
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    1 decade ago
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    Zimbabwe's economic structure is one of great potential.

    In the years prior to its independence Zimbabwe put great

    emphasis in developing its mining industry and as a result

    it is one of the most developed in Africa. The mining of

    such minerals as copper, nickel, gold, and

    metallurgical-grade ferrochromite is responsible for nearly

    half the countries $4.9 billion Gross Domestic Product

    (GDP) . The other half of Zimbabwe's GDP is generated

    primarily in the agricultural sector with the majority of

    this produced at subsistence levels by most of the


    Zimbabwe clearly has the potential to generate agriculture

    beyond the subsistence level and thereby eliminate any

    degree of shortage. In any event subsistence would be

    sufficient to eliminate shortage if not for recent

    devastating droughts.

    Zimbabwe's mineral export industry is key to the nations

    developmental success. Although small, the countries mining

    industry is modernized and strategically developed toward

    exports. Many paved roads link mines and other industries

    together that complement mining such as heavy machinery.

    Also, the areas within the vicinity of the mines are highly

    developed and urbanized to ensure an adequate and able

    workforce. Finally, Zimbabwe participates in non-aligned

    trade for non-strategic products such as textiles. This

    greatly reduces the countries chance of becoming dependent

    on a trade partner.


    I hope this information makes sense and is helpful.

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