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what was the holocaust?

what was the holocaust i need a good answer that i will understand ive read it already on wikipidea and didnt really understand it so wat was it

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    jewish Holocaust or Holocaust by Jews was the final solution for creation of israel and posession of Jerusalem the site of first temple.

    Jews are rich but money cannot buy Israel. Jews are good assassins, but assassinations cannot give them Israel. Jews have led most revolutions across the modern world, but revolutions and toppling off of Kings in other countries cannot give them Israel. Final solution, which alone can give them Israel and simultaneously fulfill their desire for world domination are;

    a) Immense Public sympathy in their favor which Jews generated in the form of 20 times exaggeration of German Holocaust though it was Hitler himself who favored creation of Israel and immigration of Jews to Palestine and also offered them free transportation. However Rabbi Abba Hillal Silver of Cleveland and Rabbi Stephen wise of New York assailed the decision on the ground that it will make Jews a pauperized salesmen of German made goods (see New York Times Dt January 15, 1939).

    b) A weapon of massive destruction which at one throw can immediately capitulate them to world center stage and which will, not only make them militarily dominate the world, but would substantially enhance their claim over possession of Israel, and thus enable them to rebuild their destroyed first Temple.

    The third and final stage of Holocaust by Jews began with the quest for development of Holocaust weapon i.e. atomic bombs to fulfill three thousand year old Jewish desire since the days of King David for world domination and for repossession of Israel.

    Thus Leo Szilard, Eugene Wigner, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Alexander Sachs, financier Bernard Baruch, Julius Robert Oppenheimer, Lipman Siew @ William Leonard Laurence, all Jews devoted themselves to military dominance over the world by their research, production and actual use of atomic bombs on huge civilian population by burning alive estimated 10 million babies, children, girls, women and old men - all civilians when it dropped atomic bombs on two major cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th August 1945.

    The population of Japan in 1930s was 130 million half of them in cities and half in villages. There were 13 cities and Hiroshima and Nagasaki were in top half. Thus assuming Tokyo had 20 million and smallest city had only one million, the average population of top half cities was still approx 10 million each. Further assuming that only half of population was burnt alive that still leaves us with casualty figures of those who may have been burnt alive at 5 million each totaling 10 million. Since allies had done it and immediately occupied Japan thereafter and continue to do so till date, they have reduced casualty figures by 20 times. It’s just like saying that city of Los Angeles, Chicago or California have population of one/two hundred thousand only.

    In a book aptly named “Temple” author Matthew Reilly says that Jews are now developing a weapon which can blast a whole continent.

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  • Between 1941 and 1945 at least 6 million Jews and perhaps 200,000 gypsies fell victim to the Nazi


    This incredible crime has been named "The Holocaust"

    In a more modern form, at the end of the 19th century, a racist-biological antisemitism was developed, where the Jews were perceived as a "deformity on the body politic".

    The Jews’ presence in the German-occupied parts of Europe was seen as a problem and a great annoyance.

    The Nazis wanted to reach their goal and it was: " A Greater Germany free from Jews" Their goal was to erase the Jews from the face of the earth.

    Different solutions were tried: voluntary immigration, forced immigration, and several different plans for deportation.

    Plans surfaced to deport all the Jews to the east, first to eastern Poland, then to Siberia.

    Serious plans were also developed that included deporting all European Jews to the island of Madagascar, of the east coast of Africa.

    All these plans had to be dropped, however, because of the war.

    When such plans were not possible, then the Nazis decided to find the "‘Final Solution to the Jewish Question" – all these elements lead to the systematic mass murder of approximately 6 million Jews.

    The solution was taken care of by the Nazis, especially by the SS guards, a brutal police force under the command of Reinhard and Himmler.

    The desition for this Final Solution ( the extermination of the Jews) involved high officers

    top people from Adolf Hitler and Herman Goring.

    If you ever have the chance to read a book I recommend " Mila 18 "

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    Maybe be tricky to understand but here you go..

    The Holocaust (with a capital H) refers to the genocide (mass murder) of about six million Jews by the Nazis in 1941-1945. It was the so-called Final Solution [of the Jewish Question].

    The term is often used in a broader sense to include millions of others also killed by the Nazis on the basis of group identity. See the related question on target and victims for details of other groups.

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    The Holocaust was the apex of centuries of anti-Semitism brewing in Europe. Every so often it erupts, and you have Jews massacred throughout European history. In my opinion, the Holocaust was the climax of that chain of incidents.

    The Holocaust was the "final solution" to ridding Germany of its Jewish population. Ever since the Nazis gained power in 1933, they drew up legislation to marginalize not only Jews, but Gypsies, communists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, and homosexuals. First, they were to register with the government as Jews, communists, or whatever they were. Typically thereafter, their businesses were looted, their property was confiscated, and they were forced to live in squalor in various ghettos, most notoriously in Warsaw and Krakow.

    If theft and segregation weren't enough, these groups were then herded into work camps, treated as slaves until they dropped dead from exhaustion or killed for trumped-up charges. It was slow and agonizing, and it helped prop up the German economy at a time when every German male with hair on his chest went to the military.

    As World War II trugged on, and Hitler saw defeat as a possibility, he was no longer satisfied with the slow death of the work camps. That's when the real genocide started kicking in, where you hear the stories of people shoved in ovens and burned alive, where hundreds were rounded up and gassed to death, where Jews were killed indiscriminantly. This became the prime focus of the Thord Reich in the later years of the war, especially after D-Day, when you had the American-British-Canadian forces squeezing Germany from the west, and the Soviet Union from the east. The closer Germany came to defeat, the more urgent the call was to exterminate everyone in the camps. It was such a high priority for Hitler that, instead of using his oil supply to keep his military functioning, he used it to keep the trains running that shipped Jews to the camps, and while German tanks stalled, German trains continued.

    The agreed-on figure is six million Jews dying in the Holocaust -- the"burning" -- but it should never be forgotten that many other people died as a result of Hitler's final solution. As many as a million Gypsies were murdered alongside their Jewish neighbors. Hundreds of thousands of communists were killed as enemies of Hitler's fascist regime. Many more thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses and Catholics also perished. It's possible as many as eight to ten million people were systematically murdered by the Third Reich in what was call the Holocaust.

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    The holocaust was when in World War 2 the Nazis rounded up a ton of Jews and worked them to death. They also did this with religious people, gays, Gypsies, blacks, Resistance workers, and those who did not love Hitler and the Nazis. About 6 million Jews where killed, and 1 million others.

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    It is seeing that of the best way the Jews have been slaughtered. Holocaust comes variety the Greek phrase holokaustus, this means that to burn or eat by way of hearth. Those others slaughters didn't make use of the approach of fireside as did the Nazis.

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    The Nazis wanted the destruction of the Jews,they killed others in the Holocaust too like Romani,G.L.B people and Slavs and other groups

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    The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators

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    when the german army captured jewish people because Hitler(the leader of german army) hated jewish people... the german army killed about 6 million jews. and tourtured them

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