what would be the pf changs cost?

for my birthday party i want to invite 13-14 people to pf Chang's. how much would that cost? i was hoping for no more than $250. also i need it to be food that most 12 yr olds would like hat isn't nut oriented. thanks!

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  • 10 years ago
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    PF Changs' website has their menu and prices online, so you can get an idea. PF Changs is normally about $10-12 per person so your budget may be a little small.

    I'd do family style, where everyone shares the dishes, and only order a few types of dishes. PF Changs may be able to setup a small buffet for your group - call them and see. This would be easier for the kitchen and also be a bit cheaper for you.

  • 10 years ago

    In New York City the price is 12.00 sometimes when its on sale you could easily get for 9.00

    My baby sis love it

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