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Can I use my friend's Trading Name on Invoices? (AUSTRALIA only).?

Hello. My friend runs a sucessful pet sitting business and she has asked me to sub-contract for her. I will have my own ABN. However, I do want to be known as her business name (example - THE PET SITTERS) as opposed to my ABN name (JOE BLOGGS).

Do I have the right to say that I am, Joe Bloggs (ABN 1234 6799) trading as THE PET SITTERS?

*names are fictional in case you haven't noticed. lol)

thanks very much.......

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    No, that is illegal. You have to use your own name that's registered with the ABN or get a business name and get the ATO to include it with your ABN you already have.

    You should check the website for the ATO and look at the registration details for the ABN and for GST.

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