betfred machines, 20p roulette, any ways or theories to win on them?

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    There are none. Any betting MACHINE (online gaming is a programmed machine) that uses random events, such as a roulette wheel or dice, has fixed odds that NEVER change and are unaffected by history. Take a coin for example. No matter how many times I toss a coin and it comes up heads, the next toss STILL has 50-50 odds of coming up heads. The same applies to roulette, 1 in 37 or 1 in 38 depending if there is a 00 slot. Again, no matter what has happened in the past, history has NO effect on the next ball, which remains 1 in 37 or 1 in 38. The ball may have landed on red or black hundreds of times in a row and it does not matter, odds of red or black still remain 18 in 37 or 18 in 38. Therefore, there is NO THEORY or SYSTEM which will improve your odds of winning SIMPLY because history does NOT count or affect the next play in ANY manner whatsoever. In a place where SKILL comes into play such as a horse race, THERE, history of jockey and horse DO count for a great deal. But, in a coin toss or roulette wheel, there is no skill factor to consider and no effect from history. With games in a real casino, the games can be monitored by the state gaming commission so the house does not cheat you, but THAT does NOT apply to an online game! Online games CAN and often ARE rigged against the players and there is nothing you can DO about being cheated in this manner. If you are going to gamble, at least do it in a brick and mortar casino where the state keeps them honest. There is NOTHING to keep an online game honest.

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    betfred machines, 20p roulette, any ways or theories to win on them?

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