What does your name list look like?

What does your name list look like? Or what is your favorite name?


My list.

Grayson Elliot

Jayce Cooper

Griffin Levik

Gavin Joseph

Levik Joesph

Kyler Logan

Farrah Piper

Farrah Danielle

Morgan Jacquelyn

Delaney Ryan


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  • 10 years ago
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    Cassandra Eve

    Rosalie Isla

    Violet Elowen

    Estella Iris

    Sapphira Hermione


    Elliot Orion

    Lucas Nathaniel

    Altair Everett

    Cassius Oliver

    Lucius Todd

  • 4 years ago

    My favorites substitute from daily. i do no longer keep an good checklist anymore. i like too many names. a million. Alice Giovanna / Alice Juliet 2. Vivian Ariel 3. Allegra Margaret 4. Antonia Jane / Antonia Katherine 5. Genevieve Adele 6. Daphne Cordelia 7. Amelia Pearl 8. Charlotte Rosalind 9. Miriam Laurel 10. Eleanor Jane (have not got here across the suitable center call yet! i like your Eleanor Katherine!) 11. Stella Eve / Stella Vivienne Pearl 12. Helen Sophia / Helen Amelia 13. Phoebe Margaret 14. Sophia Paloma / Paloma Sophia 15. Audrey Rosalind sixteen. Nora Jasmine 17. Eloise Lily 18. Diana Charlotte 19. Lydia Caroline Boys: a million. John 2. Jude 3. James 4. Jacob 5. Joseph 6. Alexander 7. Constantine 8. Samuel 9. Henry 10. Jesse 11. Jack 12. Finn 13. Vincent i've got not got center names for the lads yet!

  • 10 years ago

    Hayleigh Sienna

    Isabella Heidi 

    Brookelyn Jade

    Sophia Mary


    Brody Ryan 

    Reagan Scott


    Matthew Jake

    Mackenzie Lukas

    Source(s): :) what about yours ?
  • 10 years ago

    Well, mine is suuuper long, there's no way I could list it here, cos I hate really long answers.. Here are a few. :)


    Anna Rose

    Aubrey Violet

    Ava Juliet

    Bethany Alice

    Charlotte Rose

    Clara Louise

    Elaina Beth

    Eleanor Kate

    Eloisa Violet

    Gracelyn Marie

    Layla Grace

    Lily Charlotte

    Olivia Kathryn

    Scarlett Olivia

    Sophia Claire

    Violet Ophelia


    Aidan Conor

    Benjamin Samuel

    Evan Lucas

    Harvey Jacob

    Isaac Matthew

    Jacob Elliot

    Joshua Michael

    Lucas James

    Micah Ross

    Noah James

    Oliver Bennett

    Samuel Jacob

    Toby Greyson

    I like mostly more classic, girly names for girls, and biblical names for boys. :)

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  • 10 years ago

    Hey There!! here is some of my favorite names!


    1.Evangeline Grace

    2.Emmeline Lanea ( La-nay)

    3.Evalee Brielle

    4.Evalette (Eh-va-lette) Faith

    5.Estrella Noelle

    6.Emberlee Grace

    7.Tess Marie or Tessa Marie

    8.Annelise Claire

    9.Eleni ( El-En-ee) Christine

    10.Emberlynne Branea

    11.Hayden Sophia

    12,Evanleah Simone

    13.Evanleah Maddison

    14. Adelina Grace

    15. Leilani Noelle

    16.Maylea (May-Lee-Ah) Hope

    17. Ensley Brielle

    for boys

    1.Josiah Matthew

    2.Tobias Nathaniel

    3.Matthias Gabriel

    4.Gabriel Matthias

    5.Logan Shane

    6.Vincent Thomas

    7.Noah Alexander

    8.Noah Joseph

    9.Nathaniel Jobe

    10.Nathaniel Joseph

    11.Lathan Gabriel

    12.Lathan Tyler

    13.Evan Nathaniel

    14.Gabriel Shane

    15.Braxton Jace

    16.Holden James

    17. Tristian Micheal

    those are all of my faves i can think of right now lol. i like your faves list too!

  • 10 years ago

    Jasmine Rae

    Nadine Hallie

    Cammi Marie

    Allyssia Allison





  • 10 years ago

    out of your list i like Gavin Joseph & Morgan Jacquelyn.

    my list..

    gianna rose

    sophia lily

    emma claire

    aubrey sophia

    adriana nicole

    kaleb michael

    evan charles

    ethan charles

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Lola Grace

    Benjamin Lucas

  • 10 years ago

    When i have a son im thinking about naming him Caden James, Mason Tyler or Braydon Jacob(: For girl names i like Cassidy Noel, and Lisa Marie.

  • Briana
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    10 years ago

    This is my names list:


    My favorites are Raegan Kiana Willow and Joseph Nicholas Carson.

    Source(s): Please rate my names list: http://www.babynames.com/namelist/9779954
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